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A Recap of Wednesday’s Cisco Live Events – It’s all About the Cloud

Wednesday marked another exciting day at Cisco Live 2011. Once again, we kicked off the day with a news announcement. This time focused on new technology to increase efficiency and security of cloud-based networks.

Press Conference - Wednesday July 13 -2

News conference panel

Next was the technology keynote featuring CTO Padmasree Warrior and CIO Rebecca Jacoby. You can view a replay of it (as well as lots of other great sessions) on the Cisco Live ustream channel.

Keynote Padma Warrior-14

Padmasree Warrior keynote

Then, I attended a cloud roundtable, moderated by Lew Tucker. There’s a lot of confusion and misperception around cloud in the marketplace. Lew and four cloud computing experts form enterprise, service provider, channel and technology partner organizations, addressed the state of cloud computing in the market today and offered future predictions.

Finally, I had the exclusive opportunity to visit the SuperNAP-7 site. There is nothing quite like the SuperNAP-7 and we had a chance to tour the high-security facility as well as hear from Cisco customers who house their data centers there. Currently at 407,000 square feet, the SuperNAP-7 has room to grow up to 2,200,000!

Inside the SuperNAP-7

Cisco Live 2011 is quickly coming to a close but you can continue to catch all the action virtually.

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  1. thanks for sharing. I love Cisco and live events. Tom

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  3. I learn something sbout it,thanks for share.

  4. Hmm. From talking to clients and customers lately, I still think we are aways away from enterprise and mid-size/SMB cloud adoption. One holdup is legacy apps, but the other is control over data. Private off-premise clouds are IMHO the future, but still too expensive to stand up or justify for many businesses. However, like everything else in tech, it’s only a matter of time before the capability becomes more commoditized, and that is when I think we will see liftoff in adoption.

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  7. That sounded like a great event, Jessica! I have only recently learned about cloud, and from what was discussed at the round table, I’m interested to see how well it will work for me. Thanks!

  8. nice information, thanks share

  9. Well I followed this event live on Mashable. In today’s market cloud make confusion for people, they can’t understand how it work. This live even covered up cloud in easy way and I found it very helpful even for me.
    I will probably shift to cloud hosting very soon.

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