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2008 Technology Predictions…or Resolutions…or Whatever…

- December 31, 2007 - 1 Comment

There is an interesting column in the Wall Street Journal today about Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” 25-years later. The columnist, Jason Fry, remembered seeing the movie as a young teenager and compared it to seeing the new “final cut” version now, even commenting on what technology was envisioned in the movie in 1982…for the year 2019, when the movie was set. Last year, when Pew Internet Project put out their predictions for the internet in 2020, I also harkened back to the Blade Runner in a blog post.Twenty-five years is a long time in technology years, so who knows what is going to happen in the year 2032, but I’m going to attempt some technology predictions (or resolutions…or hopes) for next year. 1. Cell phones and credit cards will finally merge. Sure, the technology is already here for this, but why are we still carrying around a sheet of plastic to make purchases? As Chevy Chase as Fletch as Gordon Liddy once said, “it’s all ball bearings nowadays.”2. The U.S. will institute a national broadband policy. After listening to Michael Krasny interview John Kao on his book “Innovation Nation,” it looks like the time is finally here to get a national broadband plan together. Or, as Will Farrell as Ricky Bobby once said, “if you ain’t first, yer last.”3. The U.S. President elected in November of 2008 will announce her* (or his) “innovation agenda” which will include a national broadband plan (#2), a plan for making education and healthcare more efficient and effective by utilizing technology, and a permanent doubling of the national R&D budget to stimulate innovation and encourage the study of math and science. 4. Just as TV now is pausable, rewindable and recordable on a DVR, this feature will become standard on car radios as well…(this technology exists, but I wish I could rewind the radio in my car when listening to an interview if I didn’t hear something right…sometimes frustrating.) Or, even record your favorite radio shows and listen to them on the commute home. Why isn’t this standard?5. Much more TelePresence. And, it won’t just be for business anymore.6. Apple will produce something cool…and everyone will want it…and they’ll let it interoperate with third-party applications and programs and services. And, Fake Steve Jobs site will still be one of my sources of news.7. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MySpace and/or LinkedIn will do something to rile privacy advocates.8. As healthcare is talked more and more about in US Presidential campaign, people are going to get really, really serious about Health IT.9. And some resolutions: I’m going to attempt to play more than three rounds of golf this year; I’m going to read more and watch less TV…with a hat-tip to the writers on strike!! Sure, producers and studios are necessary to create good content, but the writers are just as important. Just ask the Broadway stagehands.10. (Your predictions here)Happy New Year.*Yes, I personally think Senator Clinton is going to win…and I think she’ll make a good president…we shall see.

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  1. Ricky Bobby was a moron. Funny? Nah. Will can do better himself, as seen by his YouTube video short.