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100,000 facebook ‘Likes’ and a new Cisco SuperFan Program!

October 11, 2010 - 18 Comments

The Cisco Facebook page has just hit a new milestone with over 100,000 ‘likes!’ We would like to thank all of our 100,000 fans that have been an integral part of the Cisco facebook community! As the Cisco facebook community manager I want to personally thank all of the fans for helping us reach 100,000 likes. Check out my video below to the 100,000 (and growing) Cisco facebook community and the announcement of our new Cisco SuperFan facebook program!

In honor of our facebook community, we are launching the Cisco SuperFan, a new fan appreciation program to highlight some of most active and engaged fans on our page! Read the details below to see how you can become a Cisco SuperFan!

Do you engage in active discussions on the Cisco facebook page? Comment on different Cisco content? Post photos to the Cisco fan photo section? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you could definitely be in the running to be Cisco’s SuperFan!

The Cisco SuperFan is a continuous program where the most engaged facebook fan is chosen as the Cisco SuperFan. Criteria for becoming a Cisco SuperFan includes:

  • Volume of comments on Cisco content
  • Participation and contribution to insightful, engaging discussions on the page
  • Posts photos in “photos by others” section
  • Overall standout fan

The Cisco SuperFan will be announced the first week of every month and will have their photo highlighted in the Cisco facebook profile photo. By submitting your photo, you are giving Cisco permission to use the image, as well as your name and hometown, on Cisco’s facebook page.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the Cisco facebook page, it isn’t too late to “like” the page and begin engaging with other Cisco fans! Check out the Cisco facebook homepage to read all of the program guidelines.

Think you got what it takes to be Cisco’s SuperFan? Participate now and have your voice heard!

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  1. congrats on 100 K – this is a great accomplishment! keep up the good work cisco!

  2. Cisco is getting better and better!!!

  3. Keep It Going! Social Media is the new trend!

  4. Yeah, I am also associated with the cisco. Its a great news.


  5. This program looks great. It is indeed a good way to connect with prospects and clients.

  6. I like your campaign to introduce WebEx Meet – very customer-centered and involving diverse situations, stories and people + am a fan of flip videos and eager to see how you do with your new products for the home.

    Cisco has a mix of tools that could enable them to forge partnerships with certain associations to generate deeper, more diverse idea sharing among key stakeholders, from members to exhibitors. Such partnerships could enable association leadership to see what topics are most hot (and tie to conference planning and online and print content) – and give Cisco a warmed-up introduction to members who may want to use those product at their workplace and/or other parts of their lives.

  7. Excellent way to connect to your customers

  8. It took facebook 5 years to reach 150 M users, where it took the telephone 89 years to reach 150 M users. It is definitely the way of the future. Reaching people on an individual level. I love it.

  9. i adore this site. i just alerted my friend harry about this because he cares for this kind of information as well!

  10. Excellent way to connect to your customers. A prime example would be the latest GAP new logo fiasco. Customers aired their feelings about the logo, GAP listened, and changed back to original logo. GAP just strengthened their bond with their customers by listening and acting on feedback.

  11. you are welcome Lindsay, SuperFan program sounds interesting.
    Of course i’ll participate to be part of this program .

    Thank you ,,

  12. Congrats, That’s great.

  13. having a social community group is fast and easy way to access the new stuff and to know right away good job.

  14. I liked you!!! Your the first person to thank me for a like! So thank you and keep up the good work!

  15. i hope we can see 1m fans in future 😉

  16. Wow 100,000 is pretty good going.