Workplaces are gradually reopening after the extended lockdown of these past few months. As they reopen, safety constitutes a top priority for organizations. When an incident occurs, it’s important for workplaces to have a solution that can help them respond effectively.

Cisco DNA Spaces Proximity Reporting Integrates with ServiceNow

Cisco DNA Spaces provides Cisco customers with an easily accessible solution for proximity reporting. By turning on the Cisco DNA Spaces Proximity Reporting application, customers can identify where an individual has been and those they may have possibly interacted with. We’ve built this feature on top of Cisco DNA Spaces industry leading cloud location platform, leveraging our customer’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to locate individual’s laptop and phones that are already in the office. The reports can be generated in about 10 minutes and displays a comprehensive summary of the zones, floors, and building an individual person has been in, how much time was spent in those areas, and a list of people an individual was near.

This information serves as a powerful decision-making tool to promote workplace safety in response to incidents. Customers can use this information to conduct enhanced cleaning of areas that the person has visited and to inform others that may have been in contact with the person.

Today, we are excited to announce the integration of Cisco DNA Spaces Proximity Reporting with ServiceNow. This partnership allows our joint customers to seamlessly import the Proximity Reporting data into ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace tools, adding reliable employee location data to ServiceNow’s robust Safe Workplace Contact Tracing app. With this integration, companies can make more informed decisions to reduce the transmission of the virus.

Identify Impacted Employees

Workplaces today need a way to inform other employees who have been in contact with an employee who has tested positive for COVID-19. The Proximity Report displays a matrix that details the extent of the interaction so that HR or facilities managers know who they should prioritize contacting or what facilities need to be cleaned. For example, people that were within 30 feet of an infected employee for more than 4 hours are at a higher risk, and employers will want to reach out to those people first.

Cisco DNA Spaces Proximity Reporting.

Incorporating these reports into ServiceNow’s Contact Tracing app will enable stakeholders to quickly identify and communicate with impacted employees and adhere to company and government policies. Because employees connect their devices to Wi-Fi while on campus, the ServiceNow and Proximity Reporting integration can be fully leveraged through your wireless infrastructure without the need to deploy additional sensors or hardware.

An integrated solution for workplace safety

Responding effectively to facilitate a safe return to the office can go a long way in building employees’ confidence to return to the office. We believe this integration will expand our customer’s toolkit for maintaining a safer workplace. Because Cisco DNA Spaces is easy to turn on, enabled by existing infrastructure and now able to integrate with an industry-leading digital workflow platform in ServiceNow, we’re making it easy to access essential tools for organizations to provide a safe environment as their employees return to work.


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