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Using Twitter for real-time, personalized marketing

October 21, 2011 - 0 Comments

Now here is an interesting example of using social media to deliver personalized marketing. KLM airlines, which has made the claim that they “will answer every tweet in person within the hour day and night,” created this viral video to demonstrate their commitment to this effort.

As you will see in the video, called “KLM Surprise,” KLM monitored customers at the airport who had checked into their flights or location via FourSquare or Twitter. KLM examined what their customers were tweeting about in the airport while waiting for their flights. The customers’ social profiles were also examined, and then KLM hand delivered personalized gifts that would be useful for their trip.

The video shows, among others examples, how they track down a girl with an interest in running who is flying off to Rome and give her a watch that measures distance and speed to help her on her way — and then thank her for traveling with KLM.

If there is one thing that those who work with social media know, it is that responsiveness is key to maintaining the “conversation”. Sure, Twitter is a great tool for distributing information across a wide network of Followers, but isn’t it so much greater when someone thoughtfully responds?

This concept of personalized responsiveness is often what separates good social media campaigns from bad ones. It’s easy to set up a Twitter handle, but to do what KLM is doing requires proper strategy, execution and commitment.

PS – I have seen several comments about this campaign which reflect concerns over privacy. Indeed, it was very interesting to see how quickly and easily KLM could learn about their customers via their public profiles and find their location!

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