Opening the Machine Network

November 23, 2011 - 1 Comment

So here we are. Last week was Automation Fair. What did you learn?

Oh, you didn’t go? Well, that is your loss, truly. A free show in Chicago where you could have learned about all sorts of new products and insights from Rockwell Automation and their network of partners, of which Cisco is a proud Alliance Partner. And you would have gotten free breakfast and lunch too!

Ok, in multiple booths we showed how one machine can integrate into another, and form a production line. Funny how that happens. We at Cisco are a part of ODVA, a trade association of many partners that subscribe to open standard networks.

At Automation Fair last week we demonstrated how we get real time information from a factory. We showed the integration of video from a remote factory into headquarters. With our Cius collaboration device we integrated the factory information to the Enterprise mobile worker. We also demonstrated how remote access can be secured and how that can apply to a machine builder, and you can pick what data and access is given. And Rockwell Automation introduced their new Industrial Intelligence capable switch, the Stratix 5700, built with the best of Cisco and Rockwell Automation – the perfect solution for machine builders.

And then ODVA today released a new white paper offering best practices for optimizing the integration of machines into the factory, as part of our joint presence at SPS/Drives in Nuremburg Germany. Here is the deal:

You cannot find any better performance from any network than open standard Ethernet, as in Ethernet/IP.
Think about throughput. Check.
Think about scalability. Check.
Think about integration to the business systems. Check.
Think about remote access and diagnostics. Check.
And finally,
Think about the ability to have video or voice (or both) on that same connection.
So you can have the local people with you from there, while you are here. At the click of a button.

The power for a Machine Builder is pretty clear. Also for the End User. Costs are minimized, the production operation remains up, reduced travel time but increased access to the machine expert increases productivity.

This new ODVA white paper is a great start for the machine builders and end users to get on the same page in terms of the business value for remote access. Next week I will elaborate more.

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