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Cisco Industrial Intelligence liberates the Factory

January 19, 2011 - 2 Comments

Introducing Cisco Industrial Intelligence.  Neither James Bond gone corporate nor Cisco gone espionage, Industrial Intelligence is the enabling of business enterprises and municipalities to more intelligently and responsively manage industrial operations globally, and it’s one of Cisco’s latest adjacencies as part of the Borderless Networks solutions portfolio.  Having IP-data and control flows converged with voice, video and virtualization creates a more intelligent platform for innovations that connect devices to measure, monitor, and manage resources for greater efficiencies, to connect people in less time and space, and to connect ideas that generate solutions to today’s industrial, operational and environmental challenges.

Chet Namboodri talks about how the Cisco Industrial Intelligence solution can help to improve operational efficiency, safety, agility, and use of assets.

Industrial is the NEXT BIG THING for the evolution of the Internet.  Beyond just Smart Grid power considerations, the Industrial premise is starving for easy, meaningful connections for not only Machine2Machine and Machine2People, but also connecting People2People alongside the context—Data, Voice and Video—they need to better perform their jobs, make better decisions and meet the business imperatives of Growth, Productivity and Risk Mitigation.

Cisco’s Vision is to be a true business partner with our Industrial customers … for innovation, growth, productivity and agility.  Our Strategy with Industrial Intelligence is to converge Enterprise with Operations networks through IP architectures that deliver seamless data and control flows alongside voice, video and virtualization services, all that include a broad and deep set of partner ecosystems that serve Manufacturing, Process and Transportation.

As to value and opportunity for improvements, in the Oil and Gas segment alone, there’s an installed base of legacy Process Controls infrastructure equivalent to >$65B that is reaching end of useful life.  According to ARC Research, the current average impact of unscheduled downtime is estimated to be $20B in the Process Industries.  That’s billions in opportunity cost that the manufacturing industry could save by modernization and a move to more cost-effective converged architectures.

Cisco is leading the way in terms of integrating automation and business systems on a common, standard network platform. That leadership is providing immense benefit to companies throughout the world.

Watch out for future Cisco Manufacturing Industry blog posts that detail how Coca-Cola is improving flexibility and efficiencies, how General Motors is able to get access to experts and information in real time, and how Samsung is reducing cost of deployment and operations – all by partnering with Cisco and adopting innovative converged solutions. The video above summarizes these Cisco customer successes with a few pointers which will be elaborated.

Let me know if you have benefits and ideas from your company that you’d like to share  and how you see the industry evolving.  I look forward to the discussion!

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