Höganäs North America chooses Cisco over Motorola, Nortel, Avaya, and others – Part 1

November 18, 2011 - 8 Comments

Don’t you just hate it when you drop your phone and it just stops working? My last phone fell out of my top pocket when I leaned over our pool and even though I got it out in less than 10 seconds and tried to dry it out, it was toast. Well, soggy toast I suppose.

There are times when you need something more. If you’re a manufacturer and you need some ruggedization then you might find it advantageous to look at the Cisco offerings. There are rugged versions of several products: switches, wireless access points and IP phone handsets to name just three. In the video I talk about one of them, the 7925G-EX handset that has been available for a short while now, and is being increasingly adopted by customers.  I’m always interested to see how Cisco customers are surprised that we do focus on providing rugged solutions – some of them are “intrinsically safe” – responding to customer needs, especially in industrial environments for both process and discrete manufacturers.

Not just any phone: .... Cat 1, Div 2 and ATEX

One great example of the use of this phone is at North American Höganäs, Inc., based in Hollsopple, PA, USA. Höganäs AB, headquartered in Höganäs, Sweden, is the world’s leading producer of iron and nonferrous metal powders. The company’s approximately 1,700 employees work to improve a wide range of application areas, such as the creation of future automotive components and white goods, and in electromagnetic appliances and emission control.  You can find out more about them in the Cisco case study by clicking here.

The world’s most integrated, state-of-the-art iron powder plant - Stony Creek, Hollsopple, PA.

North American Höganäs was looking for a comprehensive solution to their networking and business issues. Just one part of it, albeit an important part, was the wireless network. They considered wireless network solutions from Motorola, Nortel, Avaya, and others, choosing the Cisco® Unified Wireless Network over them. The manufacturer was particularly impressed with the advanced Cisco CleanAir technology (I’ve blogged about that before), dual-band multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) functionality, Cisco Wireless Control System tracking capabilities, and smooth integration with its Cisco physical network and Unified Communications products.

You’ll find out in the case study how the Stony Creek site needed a wireless network that could mitigate interference and support critical operations such as delivering logistics data to computers mounted in forklift trucks and providing data to employees for troubleshooting process logic controllers. Most importantly, the company needed a reliable, end-to-end wireless network that enabled voice communications across the entire plant to help ensure employee safety in hazardous conditions and allow management to track employees in high-risk areas.

Checkout Part 2, coming soon, that features a cool music video and where I talk about the application and solution in more detail. I’ll also include quotes from the customer and delve into the business benefits and metrics! I’ll post the link here when published.

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    • Thanks D-viz – you’re right if you mean that Cisco has come back stronger than ever – our customers and the market are telling us that loud and clear!. Thanks for your support!

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    When companies are in a position like Cisco, they can research and develop solutions that greatly enhance the operability of products.

    • Thanks Talha – we do spend more on R$D than other companies have revenues, it’s true, but we always listen to the Voice of the Customer – it’s never let us down yet! Peter

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