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Give me Internet or give me Death!

September 25, 2011 - 4 Comments

Could you live without the Internet?

If you think that the answer to this question is an easy “yes,” then you may find the results from Cisco’s 2011 Connected World Technology Report a bit shocking. Cisco commissioned an international workforce study of nearly 3000 people asking their views on the network in their lives.

A few choice highlights:

  • 62% of young professionals say they could not live without the Internet
  • 47% say the Internet is “pretty close” to the level of importance as air, food, water and shelter

“Wow,” I thought when I first read this. Surely there’s a bit of hyperbole in there, right? But the more that I thought about it, it would appear that the Internet is such a dominating facet of our lives that we forget what life would be like without it.

Off the grid

While camping recently, I have to admit that I enjoyed my time not being connected to the network — it was liberating. However, I realized that all of the equipment I carried had come into my possession through the network in some way: I had ordered my sleeping bag online; my tent was made by a company that utilized the Internet to produce and sell its goods; I had researched gear on before purchasing. I decided that unless I was running through the woods with nothing on me, I was still carrying the network with me in some way.

The future

If the network is this important to us now, what does the future hold? My wife and I had our first baby, Ronan Singh Lach, three weeks ago, and already his life is influenced by the network: his grandparents get to see him on Skype; we order his diapers on Amazon; I have purchased learning Apps for him on my iPad.

Although I hope to never hear him say “give me Internet or give me Death,” I can understand why he may feel that way. Another interesting find in Cisco’s report is that 2/3 of college students would choose the Internet over a car.

And, an Internet connection is cheaper than buying him a car, right?

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  1. Hello everyone this is really a matter to be thought I have four companies two of which are with high sales due to internet and did a test in the past two quarters in several different ways and proved to myself that without the internet does not compare was absurd companies A and B sold 38% more than firms C and D because the test that began a short time is truly amazing things without the internet would be difficult.

    Anderson Dis

  2. Really is amazing how we get attached to ‘essentials’ over time. How many of us would live without ATM machines now – anytime money, just when I need it! Can’t imagine that now, yet they didn’t exist several decades ago. I love the “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!” quotation plagiarization from Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Virginia Convention to get the troops for the revolutionary war. Reportedly, those in attendance, upon hearing the speech, shouted, “give me liberty or give me death!”. I think the Internet is truly revolutionary – much more so than the ATM stuff – and maybe as important as the revolutionary war – let’s see in a few decades time – Ronan Singh Lach will probably be a better judge than me then!