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Executive Perspectives and AkzoNobel – Manufacturing Industry CIO/CXO Special – Part 1

November 29, 2011 - 2 Comments

I feel I should tell you first of all that I wrote this blog on an Airplane. I also connected into a WebEx meeting and met up with my fellow Cisco employees to talk about Industries and find out what was going on in San Jose whilst I was in the air somewhere between San Jose and Dallas. I surprised my wife by calling her via my laptop and saying ‘Hi’!

This is therefore our first Cisco Manufacturing Industry blog written and published whilst flying. Wow, we’ve come a long way since I was a trainee!

Anyway, I’m actually more excited that I don’t have to stop blogging and can bring you the news of a great video reference that Cisco collaborated with AzoNobel on:

In the video AkzoNobel’s CIO, Pieter Schoehuijs describes how converging technologies empower an integrated supply chain. As a 14bn Euro concern operating in over 80 countries worldwide, they are the largest paint and coatings company in the world, and a leading producer of specialty chemicals.

Many European readings will be familiar with Dulux paints (acquired from ICI) and their famous dog used in the TV commercials for decades. It’s one of several stories in the latest Manufacturing Industry Executive Perspectives – designed to create conversations with CXOs and CIOs.

Working with Cisco and utilizing ground-breaking technologies, AkzoNobel want to stay ahead of their competitors and provide their customers with the best service available. That means an Integrated Supply Chain, integrated with customers and suppliers, and reliance on both a private and public cloud approach with many technologies from Cisco involved. This means a different way of creating, manufacturing and delivering to their customers.

How? Well, I don’t want to put out too many spoilers (code for you’ll have to watch the video), but one challenge was how to collaborate worldwide when plants are all over the globe and as close to the customer as they are. That’s how the customer themselves become part of the manufacturing process, with systems connected securely and reliably.

And that means remote secure monitoring too (some plants unmanned!). Hence Cisco. Find out more in the video – integrated supply chains are all about getting closer to you customer, and AkzoNobel are now looking at how they do research and development – crowdsourcing techniques and the like to have a multiply-effect for innovation and ideas.

Do you have these challenges? How are you solving them? Let me know! I’m always looking for more Industrial Intelligence!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. My dad works for this company and will find this interesting. He wanted to know what companies’ paint we use in TP rooms and if we recommend any particular brand of paint.

    • Thanks for your comment Kellie – hope your dad enjoys the blog.Nice to know you’ve got something in common in the family re Cisco and AkzoNobel! As a Cisco person let me know (through your Cisco email to my cisco email) what your dad does there – always looking for ‘the voice of the customer’ – I wonder if he’s aware of whether he uses any of the systems and applications enabled by the Cisco technologies? Regarding the paints we use at Cisco I honestly don’t know – I expect we outsource a lot to 3rd parties and they make the decisions on that, but if I find out I’ll let you know (you might try to talk to your local facilities folks – they might be more help than me on that one!) Keep reading the blogs and keep commenting – and keep selling for Cisco – let me know if you have any customer stories, case studies or comments you’d like to share! Thanks!

      STOP PRESS: Just saw the Telepresence deal between Cisco TP Managed Services Partner, Orange, and AkzoNobel, where 15 rooms will be going into AkzoNobel – it’s a great story you can read here: AkzoNobel in pact with Orange Business for Cisco telepresence solution. Maybe you can ask the Orange sales team – seems like an obvious choice of paint company in this case! Let me know what you find out!