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Collaboration: with MACS from Cisco it’s as if you’re really there!

February 11, 2011 - 2 Comments

We hear a lot about Collaboration and Innovation these days.  People try to define what each word means, and how they relate to each other. Probably the best source I’ve found so far is in a great blog by Carlos Domingez that addresses just that. Carlos is one of Cisco’s senior thought leaders, so check out his blog here: Collaboration: What Does it really mean? It’s a fascinating read, especially the references to  Evan Rosen and Mark Granovetter. It’s also a great segway to the Manufacturing Active Collaboration Space Solution that I talk about in the video below:

Peter Granger talks about Cisco’s Manufacturing Active Collaboration Solution and how it can help with innovation and product development. GE calls their version Virtual Collaboration Space.

As you can hear in my video, the truth of the matter is that Collaboration and Innovation go hand-in-hand simply because when people get together they feed off one another, adding to each others ideas and seeing opportunities from different angles. They solve each others issues and talk through problems using words,  images and video. When you click ‘read more’ you’ll hear more about GE’s use of MACS in a short video featuring senior GE and Cisco figures. I’ll also solve the riddle I set for you in an earlier blog about how to make a new square out of four matches!

Sure, we’d all like to meet face-to-face in person. And MACS is the closest thing to doing that, without the hassle of getting folks together from around the world with all those scheduling conflicts and travel delays that that entails.  As I said in my previous blog (Innovation – Thinking Outside of the Box (or Should that be ‘Square’?) ideas can come from anywhere inside or outside of the organization.  General Electric has recognized that a team’s effectiveness in working together worldwide to share and develop ideas is critical to a market leadership position. GE has said that use of Cisco Active Collaboration Rooms significantly reduces product development times, and allows global collaboration. Watch the video to find out more from Vic Bhagat, GE Corporate CIO (pictured), Greg Simpson, GE CTO, and others talking about GE’s innovative use of MACS. GE calls their version Virtual Collaboration Space.

Oh, and that puzzle that I mentioned I’d tell you the answer to? Well it’s an example of ‘thinking outside the box’ too. The original puzzle was in my earlier blog: Innovation – Thinking Outside of the Box (or Should that be ‘Square’?

The Algebra square answer

The Geometry Square Answer

Remember you have to move only one match to make a new square. An eight year old might struggle because they’d look at the cross of matches with the square in the middle and see if they could make a geometric shape. But the answer can come from a different but related discipline – in this case leave  geometry behind and use algebra. Then your brain can think about it in a different way: make a figure ‘4’ as in the picture. Why four? Well that’s the ‘square’ of 2 isn’t it? So four’s a square! Different disciplines can bring different ideas to the table. And that’s what MACS is all about – bringing people together to innovate more effectively and more quickly.

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  1. Active Collaboration Solution and how it can help with innovation and product development.

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