Cisco Live UK 2012 Industrial Demonstrations you can’t afford to miss!

January 30, 2012 - 5 Comments

We’ve been telling you about Cisco Live UK and the Cisco Industrial Booth for a couple of weeks now. Well, Cisco Live UK 2012 is finally here at the ICC London ExCeL, One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London, which is a major relatively new Conference and Exhibition Venue.

Held from January 30th through February 3rd in London, we have have our very own Cisco Industrial Solutions booth especially aimed at helping manufacturers and companies in many industrial sectors with their networking and business challenges. See later on in the blog for a map fo exactly where the booth is in the World of Solutions.

We have plenty of demonstrations planned there covering:

Converged Industrial Ethernet

Converged Industrial Wireless

Industrial Data Management and Workforce Enablement

Industrial Machine to Machine.

All of these areas are critical to the production environment of a typical manufacturer and have applicability to other industrial needs too.

Here’s some more about each demo. The first demonstration will be showing how standard Ethernet technology can be used to connect Drives, PLCs that’s program logic controllers, HMIs, or Human-Machine Interfaces, and other Automation devices. Now, In addition, along with our partners Rockwell Automation and Panduit, we’ll also be demonstrating how the same network can be leveraged to provide voice and video communications in a converged industrial environment.

The second demonstration area will be on Converged Industrial Wireless.  This demonstration, with the support of our partner Honeywell, will showcase how Cisco wireless technology can be used to provide secure and reliable back haul infrastructure for sensor data transmitted using the ISA100 protocol.  We will also be demonstrating how that same network can also be used for mobility and location solutions.

Thirdly, the Industrial Data Management and Workforce Enablement demonstration will show  a workflow process  using Cisco Collaboration technologies as well as those from our partners OSISoft and SAP.  We’ll demonstrate how the system could be used in industrial environments to enable solutions such as predictive maintenance.

And finally, our fourth demo area will be on Industrial Machine to Machine Solutions showing our Cisco routers as part of an industrial transport system along with other industrial applications such as Cisco’s Video Surveillance Manager.

We’re excited about these demonstrations in the Cisco Industrial Solutions Booth. Please stop by Cisco Live UK or go to for more information.

To find the booth, look on the World of Solutions map in your documentation and you’ll find it marked close to the Cisco Borderless Networks Demonstration area. A sub-map is provided on the right for your convenience.

I hope to see you at Cisco Live UK this week, especially at the Industrial Solutions Booth in the World of Solutions.

See you there!

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  1. When this Cisco Live UK 2012 Industrial Demonstrations is conducted? And how can i participate in this event?

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