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Cisco & Intermec Simply Scan-To-Connect in about 4 minutes!

October 7, 2011 - 2 Comments

We often talk about business issues, customer care-abouts, productivity savings and the like on this channel, and sometimes philanthropy or esoterics, but mostly if you’re an engineer you have to deal with the technology, the installation, the support, and all the other stuff in terms of where the-rubber-hits-the-road.

In this video Hank Stephens, Product Manager at Cisco Preferred Solution Partner Intermec, talks about how easy it is to put Cisco and Intermec into the warehouse.

When we post videos, we know people lose interest if they’re more than five minutes, so I’m glad it takes less than that to connect the gear up. A couple of cheats help of course – like switching the radios on in the Cisco gear (they are shipped switched off for security reasons), and it helps to have a pre-charged battery available for the Intermec CK3. But then the video wouldn’t have made it onto the channel! We have quite a few customers with this kind of Warehouse technology.

If you want to know more about the business benefits, you can read up on the Mobile Warehouse Management Solution here. If you want to know more about a Cisco/Intermec Customer, like Puma you can click here! , Puma, one of the world’s premier sporting goods brands, is increasing the efficiency of its central Scandinavian warehouse. The Intermec handheld computers and Cisco Borderless Networks have played a key role in the process of switching from paper-based to automatic warehouse management. The result is outstanding and today deliveries are now 99 per cent accurate. Puma used CN3s during the initial roll-out.

…but, as I intimated before, this blog article is really for the techies!…

“See how easy it is to deploy the brand new Cisco 541 series access point with an Intermec CK3 mobile computer solution! The Scan-to-Connect functionality enables you to simply scan a barcode with the CK3, and the Cisco AP 541 is enabled. For more information about the brand new Cisco AP 541, visit…, or visit the ScanSource Cisco microsite at for promotions, links, and more!” says the Scansource YouTube entry.

Well gotta give Scansource a plug ’cause they gave us one!”

Happy Wireless Networking!

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