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Cycling And Cisco – Two Things I Love

June 13, 2016 - 11 Comments

Growing up in India, I biked everywhere, every day, as a child.

I grew up, as we all do, moved to the United States and set biking aside. However, three years ago, I started biking again.

The first time I got on my Cannonade (that’s a really great bike, if you don’t know) something just felt right. I have that feeling when I get on the saddle every Sunday morning.

Nitish Cycling
I see more when I’m on my bike than when I’m in a car. I usually take the roads and routes that I haven’t explored. It is an amazing hobby that allows me to slow down, even when I’m going 20+ miles per hour. I stop to talk to people. For the next few hours that I’m on my bike, it’s just me, nature, and my fellow biking enthusiasts. I am always amazed at how new many friends I make see when I’m riding. These friends I made, we call ourselves, “CRANK OF DAWN” because we like to ride early.

It’s the same during my 8+ years at Cisco, where I get to see how many great people I work with. I am a Software Technology Manager and while we’re all moving fast to innovate and to change the world, when we take a moment to slow down, enjoy what we do, we get to see a little more, take a few unexplored paths, and just talk to each other. We also have time to give back together.

I learned about the Canary Foundation through Cisco’s volunteer program. It is the non-profit organization dedicated solely to the funding, discovery and development of tests for early cancer detection. This photo of me is during a 50-mile ride for the Canary Challenge. I like that Cisco encourages us to give back in ways that are personal to us, and in our local communities.

My father started one of the first early cancer detection centers back in the 1970s in Gujarat, India. When I ride for Canary, I feel that sense of connection between where I am now, at Cisco, and where I came from, all while contributing to a worthy cause.

This is my reason to #LoveWhereYouWork, what’s yours?


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  1. You have inspired me to dust off my bike and start riding!

  2. Found you! This is awesome =)

  3. Dear Nitish
    It seems that you have written this blog with your heart rather than brain.
    For us it is too late to do anything like this, but we see a bit of us in you.
    By the way you did not mention anything about your co rider !!!
    ( Nikhil)

  4. Being father, it makes me proud. But being small scientist who I

    s looking into ways to meaningful early diagnosis of early changes in tobacco chewers would be challenging. We try and do with available funds. Nitish being involved with cancer foundation will make two in family. Keep up Nitish in fund raising .your efforts will not be wasted

  5. Great blog from another road biking enthusiast. I wasn’t aware of the Canary Challenge and will check it out. Just another way Cisco gives back and promotes volunteer efforts! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Did autocorrect change Cannondale to cannonade? (lol)

    • > Did autocorrect change Cannondale to cannonade? (lol)

      At least it was an “intelligent” autocorrection as Cannonade was a horse … 😉 (It’s often funny to google misspelled words)

  7. Is’nt it great when we slow down to and make time to “smell the roses”?

  8. Way to go! Bike riding is awesome! Ride on!

  9. Great hobby and great activity. I always hoped to combine a vacation and the “bike vegas” event one time. Well, that’s too late now, but I’ll bookmark the canarychallenge website just in case a vacation or business trip matches that event sometime in the future.