Cisco Galway And My Brush With a Television Career

January 17, 2017 - 5 Comments

If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix, might I suggest Jack Taylor? For you Game of Thrones fan, it stars the lovely Iain Glen, who plays a fired detective turned private investigator.

Jack Taylor filming at Cisco Galway

My recommendation has everything to do with the fact that it’s set in Galway, Ireland, where I live (and where my Cisco office is!) Speaking of Cisco, I’ll just stop here to mention that one of the episodes was FILMED HERE ON SITE!

Jack Taylor filming at Cisco Galway

Filming “Jack Taylor” at Cisco Galway.

You see, I received an email from a TV production company based here in Ireland saying they were going to start filming Jack Taylor in Galway. To my excitement, the email also said that they were looking for a location that would serve as a young, dynamic, modern, hip, sophisticated, software company with attractive people (okay, I added the last one for fun) and they thought that Cisco Galway would be the perfect fit.

Um, yeah!

I could hardly contain my excitement (which had just a little bit to do with gorgeous Iain Glen, but more because it would be cool to watch a TV production being made on site at Cisco!) Maybe we would even get walk-on parts (and Oscar nominations.)

I spoke with the management team here in the Galway office, and they were as excited as I was. Because we ARE a young, dynamic, modern, hip, sophisticated office and it would also be a bit of fun. We told the production company that we were in!

The cameras arrived along with set dressing, props, makeup, wardrobe and the actors/actresses. Next thing we know, we’re a TV set for real!

Filming Jack Taylor at Cisco Galway

There’s “Jack Taylor” himself, with Cisco tech in the background.

All day, we would hear “rolling!” and “cut!” We did keep working in the background, but for sure, it was hard. Two of our Cailíns (that’s Irish for “ladies”) got asked to do a walk-on part. I kid you not, they were pure professionals. Though, all they had to do was walk by on their mobiles looking like engineers – our office is full of engineers, so the people here do that in real life every day! Filming went on all day and featured much of our Cisco technology – including the IX5000.

Jack Taylor filming at Cisco Galway

Just a typical day, posing with Iain Glen.

I just watched the episode where Cisco Galway was featured, and it was fun to relive the day in my mind again.

Cisco Galway is always exciting, but this was extra exciting. Something different is always happening here, and you just don’t know who you could meet in the office. 😉


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  1. How exciting for the office Sheila 🙂 When can we see it show?

  2. I love Galway! A great, vibrant and fun city – and what a super opportunity to feature Cisco as a part of it. Thank you, Sheila, and the Cisco team!

  3. How exciting! You guys in Galway have so much fun. And largely because you make it happen! Keep the good work up Sheila 🙂

  4. How exciting! I watch that over here – although i guess we’re a little behind you so i’ll watch out for you all on TV.

  5. How exciting! Glad to see not only our technology but our campuses are featured on Television! Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience…