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April 25, 2012 - 4 Comments

2012 a “Pivotal Year” for Healthcare Transformation, Says Shehata in ATA Preview.

This is the year Cisco healthcare technology moves from creating simple collaboration environments to true innovation workspaces that generate value, particularly for accountable care organizations (ACOs) focused on quality and efficiency, said Cisco’s Ash Shehata in an online briefing to industry thought leaders.
Shehata, Cisco’s Senior Executive Director, Healthcare Business Transformation for the US, Canada, and Latin America, addressed invited bloggers and web journalists in advance of the American Telemedicine Association conference April 29 in San Jose.
Shehata said ATA will be a “great opportunity to show the advance of technology in healthcare, and specifically the use of video.”
Healthcare today faces a perfect storm of rising costs, more complex regulatory compliance, and increased emphasis on quality, said Shehata. ACOs exemplify that trend, he said. They and other heathcare organizations are amid a major transformation – expanding use of video and implementing social media interfaces that accelerate its use.
“Information exchanges are moving beyond just data to collaboration exchanges. We ‘re pulling together different constituencies within the health care system, and we’re creating applications we haven’t even dreamed of.”
“It’s a fantastic opportunity,” said Shehata, “a way to leverage the information workspace, social media, and more.” He said healthcare operators are beginning to take note of ubiquitous social networks: “Social care will become a part of our heath care process, and the enterprises that enter into it will have to create a stable business model.’
Business stability and return-on-investment considerations loom increasingly large, Shehata said. “Measurement and metrics are becoming critical, and they will actually govern, I believe, the adoption of this technology.” He said studies show new system implementations are justifying the investment in as little as 14 months.
Shehata also told the online audience:
•Mobile devices are increasingly important in telehealth technology strategy. “BYOD” (“bring your own device”) is the new expectation from providers and patients alike.
•We have just begun to leverage the video capabilities of the cloud. “Clouds can become very robust mediums that move beyond the traditional web interface and actually create a connected environment.”
The opportunity for Cisco, said Shehata, lies with rising demand for information systems to manage risk, protect privacy, channel data, and provide the best possible care. “Those all become new aspects of accountable care organizations that we haven’t had in the past… now the opportunity to create better health care is built into the relationships between payer and provider.”
When ACOs focus on efficiency and quality, he said, it should reduce resistance to telemedicine. “These operations can begin to transcend time and distance while we pay attention to the medical rules… clearly the technology is in a state now where it’s very easy to begin to deploy these kinds of capabilities.”
Cisco Systems will present relevant case studies at ATA 2012, April 29 through May 1 at the San Jose Convention Center. Visit Cisco at ATA Booth #1434.

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