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Cisco reveals Work Your Way

May 17, 2012 - 4 Comments

Cisco announced today a study showing benefits, as well as complexities, relating to employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work.  A colleague of mine forwarded this cartoon to me last week which I thought was quite amusing.  It gave me all kinds of thoughts about my upcoming doctor’s visit. 

Cisco is enabling BYOD by driving innovation through Unified Workspace, everything that makes workers efficient and productive moves along with them.  Cisco is also offering three Smart Solutions, the BYOD, VXI and Remote Expert, all designed to help service provider and enterprises develop a scalable approach to their mobility initiatives while optimizing user experience and ensuring data security.

Still, my doctor using his own device to look up my medical records?  Who’s protecting my privacy?  What if his smartphone or tablet gets hacked?  What’s that called in the U.S.?  HIPAA?  Does this help or hinder?

Seems like my paranoia is not that out of this world after reading this study.  I definitely see the benefits, cost savings, business continuity if the server goes down and employee productivity at all hours.  I would definitely be loving my doctor if I sent him an email after work and he responded after normal business hours, during his personal time.  On the other hand, if his device gets hacked, will all my medical records be exposed?  Am I being too worried?

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  1. Love the cartoon.

  2. Funny images, he uses it literary.
    Cisco is really making things better and efficient. Thanks for sharing this.


    • Thank you for comment Betty. I’m looking forward to more ways Cisco will be making things even more better and efficient 🙂