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Thoughts on cell phones and the NTSB

December 22, 2011 - 1 Comment

The NTSB has stated recently that they would like to ban all use of electronic devices by motorists. I’m not sure that this is really going to have the impact that the NTSB is looking for. On the contrary, I suspect that it will create more of distraction.

Why do I think it will be more of a distraction? Well, how many people have you seen on the phone that aren’t using hands-free mode in states or cities that require it? The only thing that law has accomplished is that the driver has to hide their phone when they pass an officer. And, I suspect, it has generated a bit of revenue for the few that have been caught.

So, I suspect that outlawing phones is merely going to cause drivers to hide them better than they do now. It won’t stop them from talking, they’ve become too much a part of our society.

So, what’s next? Food? Drinks? Please share your thoughts as to whether you believe that outlawing cell phones in the cars will reduce distractions, as well as what would come next.

Until next time, have a great holiday season.


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  1. Does that mean I will have to stop watching Netflix movies on my iPad using a MIFI going down hwy 101? 😉

    Happy Holidays!