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September 26, 2012 - 2 Comments

So here we are (Cisco’s Government Team), in Washington D.C.  An area chosen by George Washington, our country’s first President and the city’s name sake, to be the corner stone of America’s policies, planning, and democracy: Our Nation’s Capital. So why are we here you might ask…?  Well, not necessarily for all the great attractions DC has to offer, but for the Telework Exchange Town Hall Meeting of course! Telework Exchange Town Hall Meeting, what’s that?  Let me tell you…

On September 25, 2012, Washington D.C. hosted the 2012 Telework Exchange Town Hall Meeting which consisted of 30 government leaders sharing best practices split throughout the day representing various aspects of government from Personnel Management to Defense who discussed mobility IT and the mobile workforce. You mean to tell me that there are people in leadership positions throughout our government who want to integrate technology in order to strive for efficiency, production, AND want to have a happier and satisfied government worker…?  Yes! How great is this. 

Let’s take a look at one session I was able to attend which addressed mobile IT trends. This session was moderated by Dr. Rick Holgate, Assistant Director for Science and Technology / Chief Information Officer for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. The other members of the panel were: Mary Givvines, Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Michael Krieger, Deputy Chief Information Officer for the US Department of the Army, and Emily Timmerman, Adobe Connect Solutions Consultant.

To sum up the session, the underlying theme was, from the perspective of an agency; give me something that is mobile, secure, reliable, resilient, economic, and effective.  Mr. Krieger, DCIO US Dept. of the Army, described a “three legged stool” analogy as far as a balance between CEO needs and CIO needs. One leg represented operational efficiency.  This leg reflects the CEOs vision on return on investment; will solution ‘X’ allow me to execute transactions and receive services at a reasonable cost.  The second leg is security. A very important leg that is primarily a focus of the CIO; will solution ‘X’ protect my people and my information. The last leg is effectiveness.  This reflects a focus from both the CEO and CIO; will solution ‘X’ allow me to execute, receive, and protect in order to progress as a business and thrive in an evolving market. The panel agreed that agencies need to move to mobility and a mobile workforce with a conjoining thought that cloud, zero or thin clients, and devices need to be looked at not as separate initiatives, but as one.  I’ll end this portion by quoting Mr. Krieger, “CIO’s need to be as imaginative as possible.”  A great perspective if you ask me.

Now let’s take a look at a video interview of Justin Johnson.  Mr. Johnson is the Deputy Chief of Staff for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.  His Department is striving to be the model employer for the 21st Century in the United States. After the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 was signed December of 2010, The OPM fell in line and followed suit.  Bottom line, it’s the government’s way of bringing federal workers the opportunity and flexibility to have work-life balance while allowing any agency to continue to be operationally efficient and fluid to change, albeit a natural or man-made disaster or budget cuts. Let’s listen!

So let’s see… The traditional aspect of Managers needing to SEE their workers rather than MEASURE their actual performance is changing… HEAR HEAR MR. JOHNSON! Thank you! It’s refreshing to hear someone in your position embracing the fact that government workers WANT and NEED work-life balance and to acknowledge that technology can help…Truly Inspirational. I enjoyed interviewing you!

Now let’s take a look at a video interview of Dr. Rebecca Ayers, PhD, Manager of Performance Management Solutions and Human Resource Solutions within the Office of Personnel Management. Once again, absolutely enjoyed interviewing Dr. Ayers and loved her spirit in regards to federal government moving forward! Let’s Watch!

WOW!  I enjoy working in my PJ’s too!! Once again, *vigorously applauding*, Dr. Ayers is hitting the mark!  Let’s recruit talent no matter where they live. Let’s retain talent no matter where they want to work from. Let’s embrace technology and be effective managers to better serve our employees. I know we have a way to go, this is only the beginning; but imagine what work and what life could be like for federal workers. I don’t know about you, but I know that a happy worker is a productive worker.

So Yes Miss Stacey Cannon (Cisco Government Team Member)! The Millennials Are Coming (Great blog by Stacey) and it looks as though our leadership is ready!

I came to DC, was inspired by the city itself, enticed by the Telework Exchange Event, and left motivated to jump in head first and provide our government leadership with solutions that meet their needs and ours.

Telework. I do.

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  1. Great and inspiring article. I would love to see a similar dynamism in the public sector here in France !

    • Thank you Nicole! It is wonderful to see governments globally embracing and migrating toward this new movement in telework in order to be leaner, more efficient, and also be responsive to work-life balance. It is indeed a process, and still may take time, but we are witnessing a new culture cultivated in technology to be used for and with the people.

      Best Regards,