Technology & Law Enforcement: Insights from IACP 2012

October 3, 2012 - 1 Comment

When police chiefs from around the world and other international community policing leaders come together with technology, you get innovative solutions that make the world a safer place. The Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Law Enforcement Education and Technology Exposition (IACP) does just that. It showcases technology and brings together global leadership in community policing and public safety to share information and experiences and to work together to find innovative solutions to issues facing law enforcement of today.

In attending numerous educational sessions lead by today’s leadership within community policing and public safety, we’re seeing some common themes emerging with respect to challenges. Some key insights have been as follows:

  • Law enforcement and public safety are in the age of cloud and mobility. There is a need for cloud, mobility, and information sharing in real-time in order to drive the most effective community policing and law enforcement. While the actual technology related to these may seem complex to some, they enable simplicity and drive results to make communities safer.  We’ll have more on this subject in a future blog.
  • Data in motion is going to be a key concept moving forward with a need for video and data analytics in order to drive preventative law enforcement and the most effective general law enforcement. There was a really interesting case example from one of the police chiefs about a kidnapping of two young girls by a sex offender, but thanks to video/data analytics designed to read license plates, they were found within hours and returned home safely to their families.  That story gave me chills when I heard it.
  • Technology to drive preventative law enforcement is something on everyone’s mind. If we continue to find better ways to prevent crime, our communities and the officers out there protecting our communities will be safer.
  • Economic challenges continue to be one of the key issues for law enforcement and public safety. Numerous police chiefs expressly stated the need for innovative technological solutions in order to enable them to do more with less.
  • Security continues to be a priority for law enforcement and public safety.

In sum, this conference is providing key insight into how community policing leaders are looking to technology to assist them in enhancing operational efficencies, to help deal with smaller force sizes, and to help improve department agility…all within a secure environment.

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  1. …A very good article that summarizes those key elements: “Law enforcement and public safety”, “Data in Motion”, “Technology”, “Economic Challenges” and “security” as an important issue…Thanks for sharing…