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Summer Fridays: Do you fear them or love them?

August 19, 2011 - 4 Comments

Summer Fridays for many of us is the start of the long awaited weekend, the drive to the shore, or an evening BBQ with family and friends. But for those of us who live and work in the Washington, DC metro area our weekend plans are put on hold more often than not, and this Friday’s commute may prove to be another challenging drive according to an alert from the Virginia State Police: “On Friday afternoon (Aug 19), major traffic delays are expected on the Dulles Toll Road, Dulles Airport Access Highway, I-66 East and the Beltway due to a 9/11 memorial motorcycle ride, according to the Virginia State Police. Commuters should expect very significant traffic delays in the afternoon, especially during rush hour.”

This sort of an announcement would make me cringe if I didn’t work for a company that supports Telework. But fortunately, I do – so, I have the traffic gods under control! Remember work is what I do. Not a place. So I am working from my home office, avoiding the grid lock, with no impact on my productivity thanks to Cisco’s Telework / Mobile Workforce policy.

So it go me thinking… Why don’t more public and private sector organizations have Telework / Workforce Mobility policies, especially for “America’s 50 Worst Commutes.”

Summer Fridays. I love them!…  No longer fear them.  But, what about you?

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  1. Dear Susan, Those are some of the reasons that I am so glad and feel blessed that I had the ability to leave the city permanently and move to an island in Greece, Mykonos. Everything here is so easy going, no traffic, fresh air, sea, and Fridays like all days of the week are lovable! :)

    • Stella, wow ideal "work"/life balance... working from Mykonos, Greece.. thanks for the comment.

  2. Kathy, thank you for the comment and recommendation to write an article about the mix of technology to support Telework policy, like video. Have you read, "Telework: Achieving Higher Levels of Federal Employee Productivity, Inclusion, and Environmental Sustainability": This paper provides a perspective on how government can increase workforce productivity through adoption of technology. Or visited Telework Exchange: There you can navigate to multiple whitepapers, blogs and more regarding Telework.

  3. I approve of the Telework policy. In today's ecomony and the environment concerns, it is a plus to the employee that can work from home. The employee saves in gas, the carbon footprint is less from the emissions, and the employee should be happier and less stressed on horrid travel days. With all the tech advances, the work at home should be a snap. You should write an article on all the devices and programs that can be utilized for Telework, like Skype.