Holy Big Brother Batman! It’s… “THE GOVERNMENT”!! (Maniacal laugh)

August 8, 2012 - 0 Comments

Many advances have taken place since the turn of the century.  In our lifetime, we have seen a surge of technological advances that have launched our society into a communicative and interactive wonderland.  With our creativity and engineering, we have managed to connect societies seemingly “worlds” apart and made them available in real-time.  Well, at least in the civilian world… What about “The Government” (Ominous music playing)… Where are “we” in this some-what ubiquitous world?  The thoughts of George Orwell’s 1984 come to mind. 

Well, what is Government, then?  And what do we mean when we say “21st Century Government?” (This link means that you need to go ‘like’ our Facebook page.)  Is Government really that obscure?  Maybe it IS the Aliens! 

Government on a whole is thought by many to be this abstract intangible aspect that just magically works; weaving in and out of our lives, probably in our sleep.  Something that’s almost whispered in back alley ways and passed around in underground dive bars.  During the day, it’s lucid, combed, clean cut, and dresses well with a nice aroma.  But at night, it seems as if a delirious dream that’s combined with science fiction and paranoia.  “Government” enters our mind and through subliminal rhetoric, speaks of control and power… frightening isn’t it…

The student definition of Government is defined as:

“Government:  Pronunciation: primarystressgschwav-schwar(n)-mschwant, primarystressgschwab-schwam-schwant, primarystressgschwav-mschwant
Function: noun
1 a : the act or process of governing; especially : direction of a political unit b : the making of policy as distinguished from the administration of policy decisions
2 a : the agency through which a political unit exercises authority b : manner of governing : the institutions, laws, and customs through which a political unit is governed <republican government>
3 a : the officials making up the governing body of a political unit b capitalized : the executive branch of the U.S. federal government”

Great, so what does that mean?  Well, maybe we shouldn’t be asking “What is Government” but rather “WHO are those behind Government” and how do we become a resource to create “21st Century Goverment.” Let’s not look at “Government” on a whole, I believe that’s what really messes people up, but rather separate the aspects of what government is comprised of:  PEOPLE.  I know, crazy right… Those that work for various agencies across many different countries are just that:  people.  They’re wive’s and husbands, mother’s and father’s, sons and daughters.  These people who chose a path that is very humble and many times under appreciated if at all, are weaved into our societal fabric.  They’re our next door neighbors who work very long hours and for a select few, are asked to put their lives on the line for complete strangers.  Once again, this is my very humble opinion. 

So what is Cisco’s role and ultimately my team’s role?  What are we doing to allow these people the ability to serve complete strangers while maintaining their identity?  I feel this last statement really plays into bringing those that serve a resource to join and enjoy what many others in the private sector have which is a balance of technology, work, and life: A “21st Century Government.”

I believe Cisco’s here to help those who help people.  Help people in many different capacities from filing taxes to highway engineering.  From social workers helping on many different emotional levels to Police and Fire Deparments keeping us safe.  And yes, also in the defense of the people so that we may sleep peacefully at night.  How?  While I’m not going to do a “deep dive” on particular products and services (this is where you can go to see some Industry Solutions for Government, though), I will tell you this…

Our teams (State and Local Government and Central Government) are moving aggressively and with a passion to provide the best services, resources, and equipment possible to those who serve us.  It’s easy.  It’s ambitious but it’s something to be proud of.  We will strive to bring our customers what they need, find or create solutions to actually answer difficult challenges,  and reach to bring a sense of balance to those who work to serve the public; not to make them do a “better” job, I’m sure they do great, but rather provide them resources to be efficient with their time and help as many people as they can and still be wives, husbands, father’s, mothers, son’s, and daughter’s.

So what is Government? I believe Government is a combination of people that have chosen a life of servitude for others in order to provide structure that allows those that government serves the opportunity to live how they choose.  It’s the work that many don’t even think about that is behind the scenes and creates a seamless inter-working harmony.  You don’t even realize it’s there, but you’ll definately know when it’s not. 

What is 21st Century Government?  I would like to believe that this is where we really make our mark; our ability to provide resources to aid various agencies around the world with technology to perform effectively and efficiently to serve their populace.   It’s the integration of these technologies into our lives in order to continue the aforementioned seamless inter-working harmony.  I say let’s keep it simple.  Let’s remember WHO government is comprised of and break free from Orwell’s 1984 idea of “Big Brother” government.  We are making a difference and we WILL make a difference.

To me, that’s government.  To me, that’s 21st century government.  And to me, what we do makes a difference. 

Thank You,

Mark Rogers


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