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Can You Hear Me Now

June 27, 2012 - 0 Comments

On June 19th, Cisco released WebEx Social which encapsulates Cisco’s ability to “Work Your Way” by letting the user have mobility, security, and flexibility which coincides with Cisco’s philosophy of work-life balance. – WebEx Social

With the ability to be anywhere, anytime; our productivity could be limitless and it brings our technology into our modern World of “Go, Go, Go!”  At the same time, how great would it be to be able to have that great cup of Joe served by our favorite Barista while hosting a WebEx about our Quarters projections!  Or let’s take this another step into the realm of Government; how great would it be to have the mobility, security, and flexibility at the fingertips of those gathering necessary sensative information in order for the decision makers to make the best decision possible.  This aspect of “Work your Way” is what the Military along with many other Government Agency’s are wanting to achieve.   

The Army’s NIE (Network Integrated Evaluation) in 2011 is analyzing the use of smart phones issued to soldiers in the field.  This is an ongoing evaluation under a program called “Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps (CSDA)”, which was started in late 2009.  On these phones, our troops have Call for Fire, Company Location, and Targeting as Apps on their phone.  Where was this when I was in!  Now instead of having just 2 (If you’re lucky) radio operators per squad, everybody has communication capabilities.  Research is still being conducted and believe me, Map Reading and Land Navigation Skills are still required; but this shortens the gap in operational error when our troops lives depend on accuracy and speed of force.

The Military, not only ours but globally, is leaning toward a more agile, smaller, faster footprint which could be deployed anywhere in the world at a moments notice.  Technology is a large part of this mission in order to be connected internally and externally.  To imagine Cisco’s Cloud, BYOD, or the now present WebEx Social, these troops can stay connected across the entire spectrum and be able to give real time reports and even stream video.

With our heightened global conflicts and the United Nations ever present responsibilities throughout these areas; we need these technological advances more than ever before in the hands of our “front line fighters” and high level decision makers.  While we have satellites and drones that, at the push of a button, could take out whole cities; the power still lies on that guy on the ground giving accurate and much needed intelligence which could mean the lives of by-standers and innocents.

Our technological community is forever evolving and Cisco is on the fore front embracing the importance of information flow, leaning forward in the saddle with current and relevant technology that could possibly turn the tide for any military entity using it and conversely save lives by having a human being at the end of that technology.  Isn’t that what this is about?  “The Human Network”… Technology is only as good as the person using it and the integration is becoming seamless throughout our World’s society.

"Yea, I hear ya... Where'd you get that App?"


Mark Rogers



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