Borderless Networks Will Set You Free! – Telework for Government

July 18, 2011 - 0 Comments

There is a lot of buzz out there right now about Telework Solutions for Government as many agencies are making the transition that so many Corporations have already completed.  Personally, I haven’t worked full time in an office since pre-1996 and can’t imagine wasting that much time every day on preparations and commuting for no real purpose other than donuts, coffee and the latest office gossip.

Work is an activity, not a location in today’s professional world with pervasive networking capabilities and the Government is getting on board under the leadership of the current administration.

If you want to get a feel for the progress and momentum around this,  check out the public/private partnership at the Telework Exchange site focused on eliminating the Telework Gridlock.  Cisco is one of the sponsors of this activity because we see the value, have lived it for better than 15 years,  and can offer solutions to help make this a reality for our Government customers.

There is a relatively new whitepaper entitled “Government Telework: Build a Mobile, Inclusive, and Resilient Workforce” that is required reading to get started.  Additionally you will find some very good resources on the Industry Solutions: Telework section on CCO.

At my home office I use the Cisco Office Extend (AP) which provides the corporate wireless network as overlay to my private broadband connection, fully secure, and quite convenient. This also provides access for my 7921 wireless phone which comes with a speaker phone enabled charger.

When I am on the road carrying a variety of devices, I use Cisco Anyconnect on all of them:  PC or MAC Laptop, iPad and iPhone, and yes – there’s an App for that!  You can download right now from the Apple Store.

Anyconnect, as the name implies provides always-on connectivity via either SSL or IPsec back to the Government or Enterprise network.   This eliminates the hassle of constantly logging in with the traditional VPN client and entering your one-time-password multiple times per day.

I’ll leave you with one final tip because I’m such a huge fan of Anyconnect’s capabilities.  Since I have an ASA Firewall at home, I can also use Anyconnect back home in case I forgot something on one of my servers,  or to check on the dogs via one of my wireless Linksys cameras.

Borderless Networks will set you free…

Happy Telecommuting!

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