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A Thoroughly Modern Government

April 23, 2012 - 0 Comments

From adopting more mobile communication to converting operational systems to cloud-based applications, the federal government undoubtedly has a modernizing makeover underway. Though challenges persist in terms of security and easing transitions, efforts to update technology help the government keep pace with the private sector and best serve its constituents.

These technology upgrades also open wide the doors to vastly expanded communication possibilities.  For example, let’s look at how the cloud lends itself to more streamlined, personal connections among colleagues, across agencies, and from government workers to their target audiences. I’ve written about agencies and officials using video and telepresence to forge in-person, real-time links for teleworking employees, to maintain continuity during business disruptions, even to conduct top-secret missions. Well, with cloud computing in the mix, telepresence can still perform all of its regular functions, but it does so in conjunction with access to scheduling mechanisms, global directories, and advanced media services that enhance video-hosted information-sharing. In essence, the cloud makes a critical communication tool like telepresence all the more powerful.

Then there’s what’s happening in Australia. They say everything’s bigger down under (or maybe that’s Texas) but whether that’s factually valid or not, Australia certainly is doing something big on the modernization scale, and with telepresence the impact becomes even bigger. The land of Oz just finalized a deal to build a nationwide broadband network, connecting even the most remote communities scattered throughout the country’s sparsely populated rural terrain. Linking homes, schools, and workplaces, the network offers the possibility of supporting telepresence communications of all varieties—including from the government to the people during emergencies.

As government technology evolves, so can the communication benefits of telepresence. Has your agency jumped on the modernization bandwagon? What new technologies are changing the nature and pace of your workday? Could telepresence help ease or enhance your experience of switching to new technological ways of working?

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