It’s about enabling the Cloud

July 28, 2011 - 1 Comment

It’s not surprising to me that with all the excitement about Cloud Computing and the constant press attention to Cloud and its benefits, every vendor is trying to rise to the top by claiming to be the most innovative Cloud provider or claiming many years of Cloud experience.

By not defining Cloud clearly or by mislabeling every service as Cloud, vendors are confusing customers.

Some examples include:

1) Dell’s failed attempt to trademark the term ‘Cloud Computing’
2) Microsoft’s commercials “To the Cloud”
3) Companies rushing to get a vanity URL name in order to get more visibility. Point your browser to

Some vendors are also desperate to have a Cloud presence and acquiring companies without a clear vision.  Acer’s recent acquisition comes to mind.

I’d argue that it’s not about who owns a catchy URL name or who claims to offer the widest range of “New” Cloud services, but it’s about who is able to provide a secure and intelligent infrastructure. More than ever, a solid network infrastructure is the key to providing services from the Cloud and the right user experience. Since applications may be served from a remote data center, the network must provide a secure, reliable and trusted connectivity for users and their applications.

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  1. The issues are many and one that isn’t addresses enough is the robust connectivity at the customer edge. Additionally redundant connectivity or a method for workers to work remote from the company when connectivity is lost…