Cisco is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor for the 124th Annual IACP Conference and Exposition in Philadelphia. Every year, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) brings together Law Enforcement leaders from around the nation to learn, network and problem solve about the hot topics in their industry. And this year’s theme, Solutions for a Safer Society, is a natural fit for the portfolio of Public Safety solutions offered by Cisco (Check out our new Cisco Public Safety Magazine for the latest videos, case studies and more to see just what we and our customers are up to).

From ruggedized mobile routers to real-time video communications and enhanced operations centers, Cisco is helping Law Enforcement agencies around the U.S. develop their own Public Safety Networks to speed incident response, increase situational awareness and improve outcomes for everyone. This includes industry-leading solutions for:

• Ruggedized In-Vehicle Routers (combat tested by the US Military)
• Networking Infrastructure
• Storage and Computing (On-premise or in the Cloud)
• Wi-Fi Infrastructure.

IACP #IACP2017, public safety, law enforcement, policeOur innovative technologies are also helping Law Enforcement develop a holistic approach to vehicle mounted technologies by turning Public Safety vehicles into mobile hubs that can connect with a variety of smart devices, sensors, cameras and even other vehicles. Plus Cisco has become a leading force for empowering agencies like yours with real-time video, audio and data collaboration anywhere, anytime on any authorized device, including smartphones and tablets with easy-to-use mobile collaborative tools like Cisco WebEx® Meeting Center, Cisco Jabber® and Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud.

These tools are helping agencies like yours increase trust one-on-one, within departments, across agencies and jurisdictions. Plus, we are helping police officers reconnect with the people they serve through wireless solutions that free them from their patrol vehicles and even allow them to interact with citizens via social media. But most importantly, Cisco is helping first responders speed response by improving situational awareness, reducing delays, and speeding decision making.

Again, we are excited to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 124th Annual IACP Conference taking place October 21-24 in Philadelphia. Enjoy the event and be sure to bookmark our new Public Safety online magazine, highlighting the latest technologies in Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and Emergency Communications.