What would YOU do without the Internet?

June 29, 2005 - 2 Comments

I went back and re-read my post-honeymoon posting from last week and realized that I had not addressed the more important question: “what would I do without the Internet?” Answer: I’d be absolutely lost.

There seem to be many conversations and discussions about how the Internet contributes to the ills of society, i.e. phishing, censorship, etc. I don’t want to sound polly-annish, but I would submit that there are lot more positive things that have come about from the Internet than negative. I have started a decidely, small list in this vein. Maybe I focus on the positive, not the negative, in general, but I’ve always been a glass half-full kind of guy…

1. I met my wife online…for this I am eternally grateful, as I honestly don’t know if I would have met her otherwise.2. I can scan four papers in the morning in about 30 minutes…of course, east coast papers are generally online at 9:00PM PT, so I can even get a jump on my day starting then…thank you NYTimes.com, Washingtonpost.com, and MercuryNews.com for being free…WSJ.com, well, thanks for being online.3. Who was the guy who played the kid in “Time Bandits” and what has he done since? Thanks to the internet I now know. My quest for knowledge has been sated. (FYI – He can currently be seen in a small role in “Cinderalla Man.”)4. I can IM a colleague in DC or Brussels with a question and get an answer almost instantaneously.5. I can send an article to friends, colleagues and family and I don’t have to use scissors.6. I do my banking and bill-paying online – WHICH IS THE GREATEST THING EVER, as I can never seem to find a stamp.7. How do I get from point A to point B? Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, or Google Maps.8. I need to book a flight to Chicago for my wife’s (saying “wife” is still very new to me, but fun!!) family reunion. For me, Expedia or Travelocity. Sometimes, usairways.com or united.com.9. Flight, hotels and cars for my recent honeymoon…all booked online.10. This fascinating blog entry…all done online… : )

Post some of your positive uses of the internet and let’s try to give the Internet a bit of its due rather than jumping on the “internet is the root of all evil” bandwagon. Isn’t it interesting, that most of those who are saying the internet is a bad thing are using the Internet to say it? My advice to them: dust off your printing press.

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  1. I love reading this. Thanks so much. Hope to see new writing soon.

  2. Hey i’m a student and currently were doing essays on technology system and i have decided to work with how the Internet is a positive source of Society…Just want to say thanks for your blog…:) ur right, the internet is great…absolutely fantastic