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Wake Forest: ACC Champions…in Football?

December 5, 2006 - 0 Comments

SAN JOSE, CA – Yesterday, I wrote about “the human network” and how Yahoo and Reuters were tapping into that network by reaching out the users to send in digital photography or news photos from their mobile phones. In effect, making everyone with a phone a potential news photographer…micro-targeting the world so all the possible news can be captured digitally, while it’s happening.Micro-targeting and personalization seems to be growing all the time. The reality is that one day soon, the content that you consume will be programmed by you. Sure there are already “alerts” and DVR’s and RSS, but it isn’t as seamless as it will become. So, with microtargeting in mind, (and, yet another tortured blogging segue) as Wake Forest is the third smallest NCAA Division I football school (Rice and Tulsa are a little smaller), we do not have a huge alumni base, so microtargeting is the name of the game to rally the troops. We just won the ACC Championship in football (first time since 1970!!!) so the Wake troops are just beginning to learn how to rally with regards to football. We’ve won national championships in golf and field hockey before and have had pretty good success in soccer, baseball and basketball (Tim Duncan ring a bell?), but football has been the price of admission for being in one of the best athletic conferences in the nation and we are generally everybody’s homecoming game. But not this year. 11-2 and headed to the Orange Bowl. Big enough to have somebody produce a YouTube video…Wake Forest football has finally arrived. : )

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