Vlogging: the next big thing?

July 26, 2005 - 0 Comments

Read today’s New York Times story on video logging or “vlogging.” (Free registration required to access this site.)

I, of course, encourage adding all types of bits and bytes to the world wide web. It just so happens that much of that information flows over Cisco’s equipment, so it is ultimately good for our business, but I also think that more information is better than less information. Do I necessarily need to see a video post every day from a young man in England (see NYTimes story)? No, but I love creativity and I think this is a new canvas and a new medium and it takes all types of blogs and vlogs to build an audience.

Dial-up is good for e-mail, but not for streaming video, so vlogging is ultimately dependent on broadband – which will bring added benefits to education, healthcare and telecommuting. If vlogging can bring more people to the broadband world, then more power to it. Vlogging could very well be the new postcard, the new way for an elected representative to communicate with constituents, the new way for an executive to communicate with employees, or it could simply be the way for Ian Mills of Keynes, England to show his vlog of him drinking raw eggs or spinning around until he is dizzy. Regardless, it puts us in touch with our fellow human beings in a real and tangible way, which I think is a good thing.

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