U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren: “Congress on Technology Issues: All Talk and No Action”

October 31, 2006 - 2 Comments

SAN JOSE, CA – I bring your attention to an op-ed penned by one of San Jose’s very own Congressional representatives, Zoe Lofgren, that ran in yesterday’s San Jose Mercury News. Entitled, “Congress on technology issues: all talk and no action,” it walks through an argument of why, in her mind, this Congress hasn’t gotten anything done on technology issues. Her lede is politically focused, “As we approach the November elections, America’s technology leaders should be asking what the 109th Congress has done for the tech sector and American innovation. From my perspective, the answer is a whole lot of talk, and not nearly enough action.” However, among other points, she makes a great point on patent reform lower in the piece, “…legislation to reform the patent system, introduced over a year ago, has yet to move out of a House subcommittee. Parasitic patent lawsuits continue unabated, yielding windfall profits for holders of questionable patents and raising the costs of creating new technologies.”As the elections are a week away and we head to the polling place (or in my case, vote via permanent absentee), we all SHOULD be asking if our Representatives are “representing” us…so Rep. Lofgren is asking the right question.Read the full piece here.

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  1. i want to make a comment regarding this issue. You are right, we need to help our people first before we help outside our country. ABSOLUTELY, i am and my husband AGREED your comments. Here are the items that need to work on in our country such as:1.CHARITY begins at home meaning TAKE care of our own people first. 2. stop OUTSOURCING jobs3. retrain our people for a new jobs.4. give GIANT tax breaks to american companies that STOP outsourcing and retrain american workers.5. Drasstically REDUCE the welfare RANKS to forein immigrants and use this money to provide financial assistants and medical assistants to american workers first.6. As in Australia people 55 and older who come on TOURIST visas to visit their families, and PETITION to their parents or relatives, must return home in 6 months UNLESS their family can STIPULATE to the U.S Immigration service that they will provide all financial and medical support for their parents or older relatives. If the families cannot provide this support, then the family members on visas or legal resident alien MUST return to their home country. 7. Under the Constitution of the U.S there is no requirement that the U.S Government allow REFUGEES into this country for the purpose of providing material, housing, financial aids, food stamps, and medical support. STOP allowing REFUGEES to come in to the United States, again help our people first before help other country.note: The U.S has a constitutional responsibility, moral responsibility to assure that all U.S citizens be given equal employment opportunities, educational opportunities, and medical health support.

  2. Zoe Lofgren is pushing for 500,000 guest-worker visa renewels at a time when 1 in 10 people are unemployed.Zoe, why are we paying for any foreigner’s graduate degree when I, an educated American with a bachelor’s degree, would like a graduate degree but cannot find funding? Is this what the American dream is all about? Help the rest of the world first and ignore our own children whose forefathers fought for the freedom of the United States?How unpatriotic!This country is in crisis because we have given away jobs that very qualified and available Americans could have taken. Is it fair to say that Zoe is in the back pocket of corporate America?I have been an ardent supporter of Barak Obama until now.