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Sam Houston and Bill Weld: What’s the Connection?

December 8, 2005 - 2 Comments

Sam Houston was born and raised in Tennessee, where he became Governor. He later moved to Texas and after serving as the first president of Texas and the first Senator of Texas, he became the first Governor of Texas – making him the first (and last) man to serve as the governor of two states. After an illustrious career as a prosecutor, US attorney and in the Reagan Justice department, Bill Weld was elected as governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with a whopping “50.01% of the vote.” He was, however, born and raised in the state of New York, which is where he is now running for governor to replace George Pataki. So, if elected, he would be the second man in US history to serve as the governor of two different states. Governor Weld knows that it will be an uphill climb to become the governor of New York where his name recognition is not great. He was recently in Silicon Valley speaking to a small group of Silicon Valley technology representatives where he talked about his time as chief executive of Massachusetts, his success as a prosecutor and public servant, and his subsequent success in the New York financial sector focusing on education investments. He talked about the importance of education and relayed his success in Massachusetts and praised the good work that Chancellor of New York Public Schools Joel Klein is doing. He also mentioned the impressive credentials of his talented, intelligent, scientific children (who all speak Arabic and Chinese, by the by) – so, his money (and children) are certainly where his mouth is.While New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer is the candidate to beat for the governorship, after hearing about Governor Weld’s experience and passion and plans for New York I wouldn’t count him out to join Sam Houston’s one-man club.

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  1. while i was reaserching i realized that you were incorrect; sam houston was not born in tennesse, he was born in virginia