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One Million Acts of Green – Yes We Can

November 13, 2008 - 1 Comment

Firstly I must acknowledge my bais, but this is a great idea. Cisco has partnered with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to support a movement that fosters positive environmental change. One Million Acts of Green starts with just one act. One person. Just walking or biking to work can make a difference. Switching a light bulb or recycling the morning’s disposable coffee cup. Browse the pages and join the program. There’s no reason why this should just be limited to just Canada. Watch the video and see what you can do. Visit the website and register your act.

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  1. With the global economy in a serious recession, and a Canadian government disinterested in Green infrastructure investment, I am pleased to see the Canadian public's concern about such issues remains strong. Green is entering a critical stage in its life cycle. A Green vision weaves sustainability into the fabric of our social conscience and helps us to endure the kind of economic volatility we see today. Now more than ever we need to disseminate the facts about our environment and the role we can play in addressing these complex issues. As the president of a consulting firm and author of The Green Market I am a champion of sustainable business, but I also understand that to be sustainable a business must be viable. The Green Market provides a information for people seeking to invest in the rising tide of ecological interest. Included in The Green Market is a Green Link Library, a comprehensive alphabetized list of resources addressing all things Green. Original articles address subjects like Green Investing, CleanTech, the Obama Effect, Green ethics and marketing. The Green Market