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New technology uses human body for broadband networking

March 21, 2005 - 1 Comment

In the “what will they think of next?” category comes this item that I came across while looking at papers yesterday. According to The Guardian of London, “NTT, the Japanese communications company, has developed a technology called RedTacton, which it claims can send data over the surface of the skin at speeds of up to 2Mbps — equivalent to a fast broadband data connection.” You could trasmit your business card with a handshake, share music with a cheek to cheek dance or, presumably one day, surf someone’s personal intranet while tandem surfing. Next thing you know, we’ll be reading about technology that will “beam us up.” Check out the article here.

While props should definitely go to NTT, the article also notes that similar technology, albeit at slower speeds, for using the human body for data transfer was previously created by IBM (back in the last century – 1996) and is currently being tinkered with at Microsoft.

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  1. I have for the last 2 years been trying to determine if maybe this is even worth it to take 5 halogen gases and create a clear laser beam and using it in lan and wan but i dont have the resources to manufacture this type of technology but i think that my idea will work for one it lesser the cost on a network less cable and quicker more efficient maintenance and less man power.