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Net Neutrality: “What it is REALLY All About”

July 12, 2006 - 1 Comment

SAN JOSE – CA – So, after the 11-11 vote in the Senate Commerce Committee recently I had intended to lay low on this issue for awhile, but I am compelled to draw your attention to an article entitled “Tangled Net” by Drew Clark in the July 8th edition of the National Journal. If you are not a subscriber to the magazine (you should be) you can access his in depth article on net neutrality here.Two points about the article:1) The quote that really crystallizes the whole issue for me quite succinctly is from my colleague in DC, Jeff Campbell. Jeff blogs from time to time on this site as well and directs our telecom policy efforts in Washington. The great quote is this: “The Bells ‘want the freedom to be able to negotiate commercial deals,’ said Jeff Campbell, director of technology and communications policy for Cisco. ‘It is called capitalism, it has been very good to this country, and we would like to continue it.'” (This is what the title of this blog alludes to…)and, (minor point)2) He characterizes our CEO, John Chambers, as having strong opposition to Technet’s net neutrality position (TechNet is the high-tech trade association founded by Chambers, John Doerr and Jim Barksdale – In fact, he did write early letters to Congressional leadership stating our position, but did not weigh into the TechNet position.Regardless, it is a good piece and you should check it out if you are interested in this issue.

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  1. Consumers should be permitted to attach any devices they choose to their broadband Internet access connection at the consumer's premises, so long as they operate within the bandwidth limits and quality of service of their service plans and do not harm the provider's network or enable theft of services.