Lisbon “Yes” could help Ireland’s “Smart Economy”

October 3, 2009 - 8 Comments

Lisbon “Yes” could help Ireland’s “Smart Economy”: October 3, 2009: Mike Conroy, General Manager, Cisco Galway Development Centre; Kim Majerus, Managing Director, Cisco Ireland and Monique Meche, Director, Government Affairs, Ireland

This afternoon, it became clear that Irish voters have accepted the Lisbon Treaty by a decisive majority and are satisfied that by retaining their EU Commissioner and local control over matters such as taxation, Ireland is ready to continue as a strong participant in the European Union.

This is great news for the citizens of Ireland and for companies like Cisco.  Ireland has played an important part in the development of some of our most innovative technologies. The future of Cisco’s unified communication portfolio is being researched and developed in Galway. 

Technology will play a central role in Ireland’s stated ambition to become a “Smart Economy”.  Being a strong and participative member at the heart of the European Union, combined with an open business environment for global technology companies, will undoubtedly help Ireland realise this ambition. 

Ireland has always prided itself on being a gateway to Europe for many global technology companies, including Cisco. Today’s result will ensure that important role continues for decades to come.






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  1. Thank you for the very valuable information. I like this concept. Great you have beautifully presented your thought in this article. I Hope this “YES” will great news for the citizens of Ireland. And Ireland has best gateway to Cisco. Thanks for the post. Keep the great work

  2. Great post! I hope the Smart Economy”” combines the successful elements of the Lisbon “”Yes”” in promoting a high-quality environment.”

  3. One benefit of the Lisbon Treaty is that it includes a provision for countries to leave the EU. It’s also good for women, good for Ireland and good for Europe. Equality in the workplace is one area where which proves this. On this basis I agree with the treaty.

  4. Hello,that’s really nice to know Cisco’s Support over there. But I think it is going to make a mix of +ve and -ve response in people.David!

  5. Glad to hear cisco has an international impact

  6. Hi,Sorry for late reply.I just wanted to say thanks for great news.Hope this YES”” will take positive turn and help Ireland to continue its part in development.”

  7. I could not be more disappointed in the decision made regarding the Lisbon Treaty and Ireland. Seeing that Cisco supports this saddens me greatly.

  8. Monique, thank you so much for sharing this news with us. I’m so excited to see the positive results from Ireland’s acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty.Thanks again!