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John Wayne Style Broadband

January 4, 2007 - 1 Comment

SAN JOSE, CA – So, I’m in Peet’s this morning ordering my semi-regular coffee and I overhear this conversation.
Peet’s guy: Large coffee again, sir?Guy: Yes.Peet’s guy: Room for cream?Guy: No. I drink my coffee John Wayne style.john wayne.jpgWhich made me think. This is America. Home of John Wayne. Home of large portions. Home of bigger, better, faster, stronger. Why is our broadband so anemic? We need John Wayne style broadband…not Pee Wee Herman style broadband. We need broadband with swagger. We need broadband that drinks it coffee black, strong and hot. Nancy Pelosi will get sworn in as Speaker of the House today. She knows the importance of broadband. Let’s hope that if and when the Congress focuses on getting a national broadband plan together with goals that they focus on John Wayne broadband, not Marion Morrison broadband.(Note: I drink my coffee with plenty of cream and plenty of sugar, but that shouldn’t reflect on our national need for black coffee strong, hot John Wayne broadband.)

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  1. I am a John Wayne impersonator and have just started a blog. So I did a search to see how much JW stuff was on blogs. Wow. Your comparison is unique. My blog is If you care to see it.Gene Howard"