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How Fast IS Your Broadband?

June 27, 2007 - 6 Comments

WASHINGTON, DC – The Communications Workers of America (CWA) issued a fascinating report on the average actual broadband speeds attained by users on a state by state basis. Over 70,000 users tested their broadband connections and the results were reported as statewide averages. Not surprisingly, Alaska was the slowest with a median of 545 kbps, followed by South Dakota at 825 kbps. Rhode Island was the fastest with a median of 5.011 Mbps and Kansas next at a surprising 4.167 Mbps. The national median is a mere 1.9 Mbps.The CWA estimates average speeds in Japan at 61 Mbps, France at 17 Mbps and Canada at 7 Mbps. The obvious conclusion is that the United States is far behind important international competitors.The next act in this discussion will come from the chattering class in Washington. They will pick apart the methodology of the data collection. They will claim that America is somehow different from other countries. They will discuss the higher level of facilities based competition in the US. Some of these points will be completely correct, but they will miss the fundamental point. In a world where technology and knowledge are the key competitive advantages, broadband infrastructure is going to be increasingly important to a healthy economy. And rather than focusing on why we are where we are or making excuses for our poor showing, we should look to the future by implementing policies that will incent investment in the faster broadband networks that we need for our future.

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  1. Now a days both wireless and broadband are using equally but the most people go for broadband because of uninterrupted connections….

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  4. When one considers that most users of Extreme high speed internet are using it as an outlet for alternative entertainment – it really is not all that necessary to achieve those high speeds in a society that is already inundated with many options for entertainment.In fact, extreme high speeds will probably keep at Americans at home more than they are now – there simply would be less reason to go to the movies or to a concert or even purchase a CD or DVD at a retail outlet.

  5. Hello,Here in New York i think 80% of people using broadband connections

  6. I’m in Australia and i find it quite astonishing this is even an issue in the States, which is often referred to here as the beacon of broadband.We’re in dire need of a national broadband network, but everything’s being stopped by the national telco, who won’t get involved unless it can maintain its monopoly over the telecommunications infrastructure.It’s in a process of transition from benig government owned to being privately owned, so it’s trying to hold onto all its assets. It’s really a very unique situation.But the politicians just treat it with kid gloves, in case it hurts their chances in the upcoming election.It’s quite amazing how little importance they can place on infrastructure/resource that is so vital for the future success of any country.