Guest Blogger: Charles H. Giancarlo on Net Neutrality

June 10, 2006 - 0 Comments

SAN JOSE, CA – I was thinking some more about net neutrality and came up with a very apt analogy:The question is why stop at Net Neutrality? We should move on next to Highway Neutrality!!!Who could argue against that highways should be free, or that anyone who uses highways should be able to go to any destination they want to on the highway? Of course we should have highway neutrality! First of all, we can get rid of those high occupancy lanes – how dare carpoolers get special treatment leaving the rest of us in bumper to bumper traffic. And, when we regulate that highways should be absolutely neutral, then they have to be open to any type of vehicle, from cars and trucks, to tricycles to 747’s. Of course the entire highway should be open to all traffic, so the public works departments will be prevented from painting lanes on the highway because that allows different traffic classes – which can’t be allowed. A Neutral Highway also could not have speed limits because that would unfairly limit what users could do on the highway. Also, the highway department could not designate a breakdown lane, because it would take away from users rights and would unfairly allow the highway department a special lane! Highway Neutrality is definitely next.Charles H. Giancarlo is Cisco Systems’ Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer and President of Linksys, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco. You can access his bio here.

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