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Email Anywhere (kind of)

July 12, 2006 - 0 Comments

LONDON – The British love mobile messaging, sending 3.3 billion mobile messages a month, or nearly two messages per person per day, according to this article in The Register. The particular form of mobile messaging used is, of course, SMS, and it can cost around 10 pence (nearly 20 US cents) per message, though is now often sold in bundled packages that work out much cheaper.There are clearly some very attractive features to this form of messaging. It is expected to be instant, the format necessarily keeps messages short enough to read quickly, the cost creates some form of barrier to inappropriate use, and it has great authentication as you see exactly which number a message is from when you receive it. On the down side, it generally has to be sent on fiddly keys (though T9 is a really interesting way to help with this), and there is the cost again which can be an extraordinary sum to pay to send a very small amount of data.As we see fixed/mobile convergence gathering pace, it will be interesting to see what happens with email/SMS convergence. The mobile messaging solutions that appeal to a mass SMS-using community, such as we have in the UK, will have to take into account existing habits and experiences.

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