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Did’ja Ever Wonder?

February 28, 2006 - 2 Comments

With apologies to Andy Rooney (not really), did you ever wonder why broadband isn’t free? Seriously. If I can access broadband, I have a computer or an electronic device so I’m of at least some economic stature that someone would want to market to (absent of course the $100 computer that is always rumored to be around the corner). You access broadband though an access point of some such…be it a wireless or wireline into the network…you can therefore (privacy concerns aside) be tracked by where you are accessing the network…stay with me…Are you close to a Taco Bell when you are accessing the network for free? Check your e-mail: there’s a coupon for two for the price of one tacos…or a free drink with the purchase of a burrito…no, not the bean burrito, it has to have meat. Vegetarians need not apply. Seriously, if I was a franchise owner of some sort and I could beam you a coupon or information on a sale then why wouldn’t I pay the network owner to give you that coupon or sale information. I’m already sending you coupons to your home using direct mail. Isn’t this the same thing? Except that I’m sending you direct mail when you are near or next to my store. It is basically the g-mail model, in my mind. You first have to opt-in if you want to use the service. By opting in, you agree to receive ads or coupons. For that, you get free network access. The coupon senders pay the bill and everybody is happy. At least in my universe.Also, did you ever wonder why it has taken so long to have a great digital camera, great phone, great PDA and great mp3 player all rolled into one? Seems like a no brainer. I have a nice Canon digital camera…a TREO (great PDA, okay phone)…and an IPod Nano…why can’t these all merge with a, say, Motorola RAZR and call it a day?Did you ever wonder why you can’t access wireless access points in airports or public areas using your cell-phone number as a log-in? Service providers are used to paying each other already, right? Is it the billing? Does T-Mobile already have the market cornered?Anyway, just a couple of thoughts.

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  1. The thing is that advertising is becoming more and more unfair these days.

  2. Sounds like you are loosely referring to GeoTargeting. That seems to be the new trend in advertising, for example phpadsnew. It is a adserver that can deliver's specific ads based on a user's IP. That would be interesting to see for example Gmail to team up with advertiser's and deliver ads/coupons in that manner.