Cisco Ireland says YES to Lisbon and YES to Europe

September 29, 2009 - 7 Comments

29 September 2009, Dublin, Ireland: Mike Conroy, General Manager, Cisco Development Centre; Kim Majerus, Managing Director, Cisco Ireland and Monique Meche, Director, Government Affairs, Ireland

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This Friday, Irish voters will vote in a referendum to approve or reject the EU Lisbon treaty which would create a permanent EU presidency, more unified EU-wide laws and improve the overall efficiency of the EU’s operations. Ireland must approve the Treaty in order for it to take effect across the 27-EU member bloc. Irish voters rejected the Treaty in a referendum last year after widespread debate and some confusion. After rejection, Ireland received important concessions from Brussels, including the right to retain an Irish EU Commissioner.

Cisco employs approximately 200 people in Ireland across its Dublin and Galway R&D Centre locations…

We believe that further investment and growth in Ireland is closely linked with Ireland’s strong, ongoing participation in and active contribution to the European Union, as Ireland has done for the last 36 years with many economic and social benefits. Cisco also believes that Ireland’s place at the core of the EU is crucial to the Irish economy.  Approval of the Lisbon Treaty will help Ireland and Europe drive economic recovery and will also result in a more effective, more democratic and more accountable EU, which is good for the EU, good for Ireland and good for companies such as Cisco doing business on a global and pan-European basis.

That is why we are voting YES on Friday.


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  1. EU government get so complicated that it will malfunctioning much often than any of the national organisations ever will. What is the main goal of this EU government? Is it possible for European countries to remove their internal borders and restrictions without the need of creating more and more centralized EU bureaucracy consuming significant amount of tax payers money?We people unite our power, money and weapons in time of war! Who we’ll fight against this time? China India USA? Stop buying illogical cheap goods and the war will over for a week.

  2. Dear people of Ireland,Please vote today with NO”” reg. the “”Lisbon Treaty”” This hole paper is just a crime. I wrote this message from Germany to you. One of the most unfree countries in the EU. We Germans like a lot of another European countries having not the chance to vote our opinion about this criminal EU organisations and his criminal intend to bring the rest of the almost free Europeancountries like you.. my dear lovely Irish people.. into a system of EU dictatorship and total political control.. Fight for your freedom and political self-administration and even by doing this for “”Our”” freedom and political self-administration. Vote – “”NO””All my bestCondor”

  3. Hmmm, I didn’t know that in Ireland corporations get to vote in national referendums. Here in the States you have to be a live citizen to vote. Although the Supreme Court may change that soon.Or is John Chambers somehow forcing all the Cisco Ireland employees to vote yes? Perhaps bonuses are tied to it? How is it verified?

  4. Does Cisco also acknowledge that the internal market is, in many areas, a complete myth? I’m sure that in Cisco’s sector they get an awful lot out of EU membership – and free trade is something I’m all for – but why is it that the benefits of free trade are not felt across the board?See for example of this kind of hypocrisy – why should punters who want to put a bet on online be discriminated against? Shouldn’t we enjoy the benefits of the free market too?

  5. There are certainly good reasons for Ireland to keep good industrial relations,as you say…still, as a tongue-in-cheek comment aboutthe repeated voting…An Irish Bedtime Story for all Nice Children and not so Maastricht Adults Happy FamilyOnce upon a time there was a family treaty-ing themselves to a visit in Lisbon.On the sunny day that it was they decided to go out together.Everyone had to agree on what they would do.So””, said Daddy Brusselsprout “”Let’s all go for a picnic!””””No””, said Aunt Erin, “”I don’t want to””.Did they then think of something else, that they might indeed agree on?Oh yes they did?Oh no they didn’t!Daddy Brusselsprout asked all the others anyway, isolating Erin, and then asked her if instead, she would like to go with them to the park and eat out of a lunch basket….Kids, we’ll finish this story tomorrow, and remember, in the EU yes means yes and no means yes as well!.”

  6. Pleace vote for democracy and against the treaty of lisbon Dear irish people!Pleace stop the treaty of lisbon! Is is antidemocartic, militaristic, antisocial. The disadvantages are much bigger, than the advantages. The EU can live with its actuell laws. They should only be changed into a democratic direction. With the treaty of lisbon, the european council is able to change this treaty in great parts without asking the parliament. This is nearly the same law, which mades the nationl- rassistic- party of Germany so powerfull in our country in the year 1933. Our basic law (the german constitution) and all other european constitutions should not be replaced by the treaty of lisbon. But the new treaty tries to bring all right- sytstems in a lower level than the new european right. Here is my informationpage: . When you have some more english information, pleace send me a link or text or write it into the visitors book of my page. And pleace spread this text all over Ireland.In the hope in your activities for a better Europe, Felix Staratschek, Freiligrathstr. 2, D- 42477 Radevormwald (Germany)