Child Safety on the Internet

March 27, 2008 - 2 Comments

LONDON, UK – A substantial report called ‘Safer Children in a Digital World’ was published today by the Byron Review which set up by the British Government last autumn. The report looks at child safety in respect of video games and their use of the internet.The report contains a number of recommendations for the technology industry to consider. The overall tone is very constructive and practical. It makes it clear that there are no simple regulatory solutions but that the best outcomes will be achieved where there are partnerships between government, industry and parents working together. It points out that there is no such thing as a risk-free environment so we must also help children to gain the resilience they will need to deal with problems when they occur.When commenting on the report, its author, Dr Tanya Byron, has been complimentary about the internet industry’s willingness to engage with her on these sensitive issues, and of the partnership work that is already taking place. As well as UK specific initiatives, there are some good global examples of industry supporting child safety such as the Family Online Safety Institute.

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  1. Although I recognize that reports need to be made first in order to give more light and perspective to the issue, I hope it doesn’t stop there. Legislation need to be passed asap, whatever needs to be done should be done asap and should be priority of the government.

  2. quote:It is good to see that common sense is beginning to enter into the debate of protecting children online.When societies begin to see that education and parental interaction may be the best source of protecting children, we will all be better off. I agree with Wyatt 100% however we need more action rather then reports!