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Business Blogs…Are you ready?

March 1, 2005 - 0 Comments

Riva Richmond of The Wall Street Journal today writes about blogs and how they are being used by businesses. Her article states that there are now 8 million US bloggers and 32 million blog readers. By my cursory math, that means that there are approximately 4 people reading this posting.

We are still trying to find our voice on this nascent public policy blog and I’m sure we’ll go through several iterations before we fully understand what type of information our readers are looking for. It was created to extend our reach and get some of our “unofficial” thoughts down on “paper” for the purpose of discussion, information and interaction. A recent question we received was regarding how we got the blog up in the first place…the logistics, the approvals, etc. We definitely followed regular order: we made a plan, researched the technology, got the appropriate leadership and IT approvals and then got the blog up as soon as we could before anybody could change their mind!! : ) By the way, we chose blojsom ( as our technology.

So, let us know what you want and check out the Journal article and see what you think about business blogs. You have to have a subscription to read the story, but access to blogs is free, free, free. The story:,,SB110963746474866537,00.html OR, of course you can stop by your local coffee shop or library and check out the article on page B1.

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