“American’s Internet Disconnect” by Michael J. Copps

November 8, 2006 - 0 Comments

SAN JOSE, CA – Wow. Seriously. WOW!! If you haven’t yet read today’s editorial in The Washington Post by FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps, READ IT. I don’t know Copps, but I think this may be love at first sight.Here’s the lede: “America’s record in expanding broadband communication is so poor that it should be viewed as an outrage by every consumer and businessperson in the country. Too few of us have broadband connections, and those who do pay too much for service that is too slow. It’s hurting our economy, and things are only going to get worse if we don’t do something about it.”As our CEO John Chambers said on stage with Senator John McCain last week, the definition that the FCC has for broadband is ridiculous at 200Kpbs. Copps says, “Today the agency’s (The FCC’s) reports seem designed mostly to obscure the fact that we are falling behind the rest of the world. The FCC still defines broadband as 200 kilobits per second, assumes that if one person in a Zip code area has access to broadband then everyone does and fails to gather any data on pricing.”Read the full editorial now and let’s hope that the Democrats do something about this in the new Congress.

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