Amazing Bangalore

March 4, 2008 - 4 Comments

I’ve just returned from a fascinating visit to Bangalore, India. It’s hard to put into words what is happening there. Sacred cows (literally) still roam the streets of the city, while an explosion in domestic and foreign information technology companies have fueled exponential population growth at a level unequaled in the US or Europe. The streets are overfilled with buses and motorcycles taking commuters on their way to work in buildings and corporate campuses that rival anything in the west. But perhaps most fascinating is the level of energy and commitment to building an economic foundation that will last for generations – people are not thinking about making their children better off, but their grandchildren, too. To accomplish that, they are turning Bangalore into a center of innovation in IT technology and business process. Thinking of India only as a place where outsourced call center jobs exist? If so, you seriously misunderstand and underestimate the economic transformation underway.To be sure, the changes underway in Bangalore are messy. Traffic is appalling. Air quality is bad. The airport is overwhelmed, and a new airport scheduled to come on line in a month is not yet served by a sufficient access road (although one is being built). Poverty continues to be a significant social problem, at least to western eyes. But once you see for yourself the immense new areas that are driving rabid growth to this city of 7 million, you can begin to understand the place that India is seeking to carve out for itself in the new world economic order. India, and Bangalore specifically, is on track to be a center of information technology innovation, and business process innovation in an area of the world (including Asia and China to the north) that represents not just the majority of the world’s population, but some of the fastest-growing economies, as well. How will companies around the world address these global markets? Bangalore wants to be part of the answer to that question with new technology solutions, collaboration tools, and improved ways of responding to customer needs. Cisco, with its recently-inaugurated campus (itself undergoing rapid growth), will participate, and hopefully lead, this transformation, just as Cisco itself must continue to evolve towards a fully global company. I wish that US and European policymakers could visit Bangalore to better understand how this city will change the course of globalization for decades to come.

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  1. I am here in Bangalore trying to buy a piece of land. The price is amazingly expensive due to the IT boom here. For a 2400 sq ft land the price can be anywhere in the range of $200 to 250 k in a not so flashy suburb.Wonder how the less fortunate ones will survive in such an expensive city.

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  3. I think the answer to your question is that it is cheaper and more profitable to conduct business, some businesses, in Bangalore. So despite any percieved negatives, I do not say there are any just hypothetically, as long as an organization can maximize profits they will.

  4. Born and brought up in Bangalore and now living in the Bay area, I see little difference between the two places On the good side I agree that the IT-(Ka)-boooom ! has brought prosperity and economic growth to Bangalore and the bay area.On the flip side , I have defend my hometown on some accusations posted above.First of all, Poverty is a part of every city in the world, I have seen the ghetto”” neighborhood here in Cali too , at least no one gets shot in Bangalore for stepping on some one toes.The traffic is “”bad”” usually only during the peak hours , just like in any major city in the world. Eg. new york.I don’t understand how one can compare “”air quality””, its absolutely baseless.If, the accusations listed above about Bangalore are true,then pray tell, Why oh why would anybody in their right mind spend 50 milllion dollars to build an office in Bangalore ?reference: click below.:-