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6:41 AM – San Francisco Airport

October 18, 2005 - 1 Comment

So, I’m waiting on my plane to DC. I’m online, using T-Mobile. I’ve checked e-mail. Read the papers…online, of course. And, I have some work to do that I could probably, at least, start before I get on the plane…however, my battery says it has 45 minutes remaining on it. When will a battery be invented where I don’t have to worry about losing a charge ALL DAY??!! Can’t they transplant the cell phone battery longevity into a laptop? When will this happen? Productivity is dropping. The world’s competitiveness is in peril. At least my IPod’s battery lasts from coast-to-coast. Priorities.

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  1. The issue isn't the battery; it is the power requirements of the thing it is powering. A mobile telephone is generally completely powered off except for the clock, but wakes up periodically (once a second or something like that) to check whether the cell wants to deliver a call or an SMS, or whether it needs to change cells. Most of the time it therefore consumes virtually zero power. That's why a mobile phone battery has two times associated with it - some number of days without any calls, and a short number of hours if you're on the phone.A PDA is more like a computer, but it has no disk drive, which is a huge power sink, has a much more limited amount of memory, and so on. It is physically a lot larger than a mobile phone in large part because it needs a larger battery than the mobile phone.Yes, laptop batteries don't last as long as mobile phone batteries. Laptops aren't mobile phones.