Unfiltered & Out Loud: Meet, Discuss & Debate with the “Big Brains” Inside Cisco

June 6, 2012 - 1 Comment

Welcome to our new blog, Architect & DE Discussions, where you can hear from (and yes, discuss and debate) the architects and distinguished engineers behind some of Cisco’s top technologies. As we move forward into Cisco Live San Diego next week and open up a new chapter of software innovation, one of the key areas we’d like you to hear about and provide feedback on is what we’re thinking about inside of Cisco.

We’re getting back to basics: the technology and what’s really behind it, but also future technologies and how we think they might impact the industry, or multiple industries. From what’s next inside IOS to how SDN goes to market first (wait, is SDN an architecture, or a solution, or.. ?) and yes, even OpenFlow, this is the place to hear it first.

This isn’t a blog where you’ll find marketing-speak or any lingo. This is a blog where you can actually hear directly from top engineers and architects driving not only the current but future technologies inside of Cisco. We’d love your feedback and strongly encourage participation and discussion. Do we always know what’s right? Absolutely not, but sometimes we understand the hard questions fairly early on.  By sharing these questions and possible outcomes we would love to have a dialog with you on where you think the industry is moving as well and also what you’d like to see from Cisco.

I think it’s important to include a little back-story here for how this blog came about. When I first interviewed at Cisco I was unsure if I wanted to stay in the networking industry at all. I come from software (yes, pure software for the most part – the platforms where I come from run right on my laptop and there’s always an app for that) and frankly was a bit jaded about what really could be done in this industry. However, two of my first three interviews were with Ric Pruss and Eric Voit who will be writing (or perhaps even brainstorming) right on this blog. Each interview was scheduled for an hour and each extended into multi-hour meetings beyond that (we just wanted to geek out and debate about where we thought the industry will move. You know, in 5-10 years, for some perspective on that conversation.) They flipped me. Yes, they did, and whoa, we’re going for an awesome ride. And no, we weren’t talking about SDN. 🙂 Right there and then I knew I had to come to Cisco and of course these guys are now my new teammates.

But that little tidbit isn’t about me; it’s about the level of technical depth and thought-leadership you’ll see coming from this blog, unfiltered and straight to you, our users, our community, and frankly, who we care about the most. We want your opinions, we want your feedback, and we definitely want to see where this goes. After those conversations I wanted to the world to talk to these guys… it took a bit of um, weaving through Cisco to get here, but we’re here and we’re ready. I do have to forewarn though… they almost have *too* much to talk about (sorry Ric!).

It’s going to be fun, so bookmark it, tune in, and get ready to roll. If you’re at Cisco Live in San Diego be sure to say hi – we’ll be hanging out at our booth (we’re the ones with a rock-climbing wall so it will be hard to miss) and trust me, these guys will be there too.

More coming, very soon.


PS: Perhaps if you would like to follow a new bird on Twitter that *may* be important the week of Cisco Live, I’d highly recommend this getyourbuildon. But hey, it’s just a rumor…

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  1. Awesome, bring it on!