IPv6 deployment is accelerating at a fast pace. It’s exciting to see that the global IPv6 deployment figures show a continuing upward trend:


Cisco has been helping the Industry track this trend with our global deployment statistics portal: http://6lab.cisco.com/stats/. Go to the portal today and you can even follow @cisco6lab on Twitter.

IPv6 Lab

We are also showcasing our IPv6 deployment adoption later this month at the annual Cisco Live Europe event in Milan. We are proud to announce that IPv6 content and demonstrations will be key features at our event from the show room floor to technical sessions, breakouts, panels, labs, and more.

We have 15 IPv6 specific sessions in our overall agenda, not to mention an additional 40 technical sessions that include IPv6 content. We will cover a wide range of IPv6 topics from how Cisco deploys IPv6 / IPv6 Security / Enterprise Deployment Scenarios / IPv6 on Wifi / Service Provider Deployment Scenarios / How to Solve IPv4 Address Exhaustion using MAP. Or maybe you’d rather dig into IPv6 in one of our hands-on or instructor-led labs. Topics include IPv6 hands on, LISP hands on, and Network Threat Defense, Countermeasures, and Controls. Find the complete list below.

Direct opportunities for discussion will once again be available, including the extremely popular Panel focusing on “Experiences in Deploying IPv6” which will be supported by a number of highly experienced Industry professionals with direct experience of IPv6 deployment in a variety of real world scenarios.

Amongst the Panelists will be:

I will also participate in this panel personally and look forward to our discussions.

During Cisco Live Milan, be sure to take advantage of the hugely popular Cisco Live “Meet The Engineer” (MTE) program and the “Table Topics” lunchtime discussions. We want to hear from you about your deployment experiences and learn about your IPv6 challenges and successes!

While walking through the World of Solutions, keep your eyes open and look for this green sticker (left)! We are IPv6 enabled, are you?I have been actively encouraging my colleagues across Cisco to step up to enable their demonstrations with dual stack operations. While I do not expect that absolutely everything will have IPv6 enabled, it is my hope that many of our demonstrations will be proudly wearing this green screen sticker. Please keep your eyes open as you are touring the demonstrations!

It’s not just in learning opportunities and in demonstrations where we enabled IPv6. As in previous years, the wifi infrastructure at the Cisco Live event will be enabled with full dual stack! We are also hoping to showcase in Milan an “IPv6 only SSID”. More to come on this exciting plan as the show approaches.

I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone in Milan and hearing more about your IPv6 experiences and requirements and look forward to seeing you all there!

Please find below the full list of IPv6 related content that will be available in Milan. You can also find all IPv6 sessions here on the Cisco Live Milan site.