Those of you who follow me know that one of the milestones I have for SDN is when we start turning those unicorns into plough horses.  While I don’t think we are quite there yet, the partner demos you can check out on the floor in Milan show that we are certainly moving the needle with SDN:

  • Project ELK leverages SAP IT Process Automation (ITPA) and onePK to perform real-time optimization for SAP HANA, and the network that supports SAP HANA, as the needs of high-performance big data BI and analytics change in real time. Project ELK includes automated root cause analysis and incident remediations for HANA and the network.
  • Puppet Enterprise is IT automation software that helps system and network administrators manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to patch management and compliance for NX-OS and enterprise operating systems. Using Puppet Enterprise, system and network administrators can easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage change.
  • SPARKL is new routing infrastructure that delivers the evidence you need to prove your business transactions meet all the requirements of customers, shareholders and regulators.
  • Intelligent Monitoring to augment QoE in SDN Networks: The Intelligent Monitoring Solution gives possibility to perform automatic network configuration changes on QoE basis. By analyzing network parameters and application data, collected by OpenDayight and Italtel i-QAC, Intelligent Monitoring Application defines alarm thresholds and rules to redirect network traffic when QoE is degrading. The path changes are applied through the controller.
  • Plexxi and OpenDaylight demonstrate a simple approach to controlling end-to-end network behavior via Affinity: an open abstraction language for network behavior. Differentiated services and capacity are assigned, enabled and visualized using this common abstraction model, and the physical infrastructure is tuned in real time.
  • The web-based NTS control application aims at customizing enterprise networks. Thus the onePK plugin gives your applications a managed way to directly interfere with the network components. NTS focused on policy based control in a first release, especially Quality of Service and policy-based routing on IOS devices.
  • Hyperglance for OpenDaylight is a network visibility and management platform that helps network administrators better see and manage their SDN environment. See your whole topology and all flows in a scalable 3D environment. Interrogate switches and interfaces and set up and take down flows using our intuitive user interface

For those not lucky enough to make the journey to Milan, you can get more info on the CiscoLive365 site (free login required).  With over 80 sessions on SND related topics, its definitely worthwhile checking out  CiscoLive365.

If you are in Milan, make sure to check out the sessions and the SDN Industry Panels, our ecosystem demos, and our Network Programming Made Easy with Python area. You can also check back here on our blog, posts to come all week!